Friday, 9 October 2015

Zara Special Prices

On the eternal hunt for a wool based camel coat for under £100, I spent some time browsing Zara online.  I've been a bit lapse of late on the shopping front - and the inclination for it (bank balance is happy though and needs must when you're moving house - how preoccupied does your mind get when it's time to buy and sell bricks?!?), so it feels like ages since I had a good look around Zara - virtually of course.  I stumbled across a pink coat last night, I've always felt like I've missed the band wagon on the pink coat trend.  It was 53% wool and only £29.99 - wow!  It was sold out in my size so I signed up to the alerts and low and behold, it was in stock this morning.

Also available in ecru
Naturally I ordered it and yes dear husband, as you are proof reading this I know exactly what you're going to say - 'you don't need anymore coats' - but we live in a cold country, until then, I will keep buying them.  At this price and with some wool in it, it felt like a no brainer so I'm hoping it's just as good in the flesh.  It's not camel I know but I tend to buy as a bargain presents itself so I'm hoping the camel will drop into my inbox one day.  Naturally I had to top up for free delivery - their 'Special Prices' section is pretty good, do take a look.  This dress was £19.99 and I really need to ditch the jeans a little more so I'm liking the idea of this with ankle boots and tights when it's cold.  It's available in red also.

I'm not in the market for a black coat but if I was, this wool one for £29.99 (also in their Special Price's section) looks great value for money.  Currently sold out online but worth signing up for alerts or checking your local stores via their online search option too. 

I'm always telling my clients to try an item they wouldn't usually when going into the changing room so with that in mind, I popped this dress into my basket.  I'm not entirely sure it's me but I was willing to give it a go.  I'm now hoping nothing fits as I was actually quite pleased with my lack of spending of late, I will report back soon!


  1. Thanks for the reminder- I always forget to look in the special price section! I adore the shade of pink in that coat – very flattering. Off to take a closer look and looking forward to seeing you try it on when it arrives xx

    1. I had as well Avril. Must keep popping back to them as there are some bargains x

  2. I love that black coat, a coat like that for under 30 quid is a steal. The only thing with Zara I find is that it's quality is very up and down to say the least. I've lost track of the returns I've made when things fall apart after one wash! I would also give that black dress a try although maybe too short on a tall bird like me!

    1. Yes, I have to say I agree. And unfortunately, the whole lot has gone back (blog update coming soon). At least their returns are easy. x


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