Sunday, 4 October 2015

White On White

I had an event to go to in London a few weeks back - it was when it didn't stop raining all day - that was the day!  I was desperate to wear my Prada skirt which is yet to be worn and had pretty much planned to until the last minute (that £50 bargain in case you missed the post!).  I just couldn't bring myself to do it, especially as I wanted to pop to a sample sale first.  Luckily I didn't as the sample sale was a good old fashioned one with boxes of stuff to dive in (I was too tired to get much but it was fun none the less). The rain literally did not stop, so I would have also been very wet and cold.  For once, I did have a back up plan.  I had grabbed some black Topshop Leigh jeans a few weeks before but was unsure due to not wearing much black.  I love my dark denim version but these black Leigh's ended up being perfect that day as they didn't feel to casual.  The tags we ripped off quickly, a little turn up added at the bottom so they weren't too contrived and then it was a monochrome look.  I went for one of my favourite tops - a silk Sandro then added my white blazer from Zara.  It was a little risk doing white on white but as the fabrics were so different, the colours weren't exact so they toned in together well.

Please excuse the hazy photos, it was nearly midnight at this stage, my contact lenses were drying up and I was exhausted.  But needs must, I was pleased with the outfit in the end and needed some photographic evidence!  I decided to add some light colour and fun with my handbag and shoes.  My vintage pale pink Chanel and my animal print Mulberry shoes finishing it off.

Bracelets; Valentino, Tiffany & Annie Haak
I love this old clasp on my handbag
Had it not have been throwing it down, this was my other plan.  I now just need another occasion to wear it as the skirt wants to be worn!

I liked this jewelled J.Crew top with it but felt it was a little more casual than I wanted for that evening
The vintage hat was taken off at the last minute, wasn't right with either outfit and I did prefer this jumper.  This ensemble will be saved for another day!


  1. Love the outfit you went with Natalie, I must wear my blazer again.
    Hopefully you'll get an opportunity to wear your Prada skirt soon as its stunning & such a fab buy!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. I love it every time I wear it, feels smart yet so comfortable and easy to wear. x

  2. You look stunning totally nailed your outfit for your event! xx


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