Friday, 3 July 2015

Hurry Hurry Hurry - Cheap Cashmere!

Now be very quick people, don't deliberate like my dear self.  I've been talking recently about out of season buying - prime example coming up.  Cashmere is the luxe of wool wear, it is super soft, warm and oh so comfortable.  Marks and Spencer is, in my humble opinion, possibly one of the best on the high street.  I have several pieces, all bought in the sales, that have lasted several hand washes in my machine and still no bobbling.  So grab one of these online as currently they have a full range of sizes as no one would think to buy cashmere in this hot weather - but I'm hear to teach you to buy key items that last for half the normal price!  I will link them below so go straight to what you like and check the hell out!

Light Lilac Jumper (also available in green for £43) £119 down to £45
Antique Rose Cardigan £85 down to £42

Blurred Cardigan £99 down to £50
Ribbed Jumper (also available in green) £99 down to £36 

PS You have my client to thank for this as I found just the one piece in store today whilst shopping with her so it made me check online.
PPS No, I haven't purchased any.  I have a little collection that is doing well for me however the orange one really is very tempting.   


  1. The orange one is tempting me also .... Might go and have a look instore in the morning! Thanks for the tip off


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