Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Holiday Purchases (And Mistake!)

My blog post on my Zara holiday purchases is finally here - sorry for the delay folks, time really does get the better of me.  So I hold my hands up, the prices and stock/variety really did suck me in when I hit Zara in Puerto Banus at end of May.  All rational seemed to go out of the window and I was like a kid in a candy shop.  Maybe it was the sunshine, the time alone to shop, the prices, or a combination but I really did buy without a care or reason in the world.  And so there is naturally a little error within my purchases, we all live and learn.

I lined everything up in my wardrobe when I got back to our villa, not quite realising I had purchased a little collection that I could mix and match together.  I'm a natural at shopping yes, that's exactly what I tell my dear Husband!

Starting with my ripped jeans, they are so comfy and the perfect amount of 'ripped' going on at the front.  This is my second pair of Zara jeans, my first being a khaki green cropped style which have been brilliant.  My only problem with these is that they have started to gape a bit around the waist, not to the point of making them unwearable but they definitely aren't like my other pair.  The bling sleeveless top is part of their TRF range.  It is a t-shirt cotton at the back, more structured at the front and was a blessing for dressing up jeans at a concert I went to recently.    

Lets get it over and done with - the error.  I grabbed this denim dress when racing to the till, tried it on over my thin clothes quickly and thought for £20 odd it was fab.  I then got home to the UK and with that excited holiday haze over, realised it was just too gapey at the back.  I tried it on again the other day just in case, as I really do like it but I think this is going to have to go on eBay.  Ok, I will give it a 3rd, last and final try.........

This shirt has a little silk in it and I have a bit of a white/cream top thing going on in my wardrobe.  Yet to be worn but it actually looked great tucked into the ripped jeans I bought it with the above coat thrown on over the top.  The coat needs no introduction and was something I did actually plan, albeit just a different print.  Pre our heatwave it was working for the pennies already and luckily for me, was still cheaper full price in Euros than in the sale here.

I did actually blog about the need for a new blazer so I guess this can also go down as a planned one - not as free-styling as I thought!  My friend had this in the black and I loved it.  The white looked so nice with the jeans.  This has yet to be worn, I've just not had the occasion yet, but there is a plan for possibly tomorrow!


Quite possibly my most worn item so far is this striped top above and below.  Not actually from Zara, this is a cotton one from Cos.  I can't recommend it enough.  At £17 it's not a bad price but worked out at £13 odd with the exchange rate.  It has 3/4 sleeves and a curved hem which is so flattering.  IT washes well like my other Cos tops and looks smart, it looked like a nice quality one which it most definitely is.  I don't live near a Cos and my sister is coming over from Dublin so I'm hoping she may nab me the grey version as with the Euro price you really can't go wrong!

Top; Cos
Jeans; Zara
Bag; Chanel
Pumps; French Sole
T-shirt; Topshop (yes, like many, I have a stripe problem too)
I so nearly bought the below handbag in the same shop I found my leather blue pumps above.  It worked out in the mid £50's but something stopped me.  I was even in the queue for it but I hadn't been to Zara at that point and just decided I needed some more clothes than handbags in my life right now.  Now that is a very rare and bold statement for me!

Who else goes a little mad on holiday when they hit the shops?  Something about holidays just makes everything seem so good doesn't it!


  1. Lots of lovely purchases Natalie, you did a great job of buying a capsule wardrobe. The denim dress is stunning too so hopefully you can make it work. Would you be able to get it altered if not?
    I can't wait to hit the shops on holiday...I blame the heat & the exchange rate plus there's nothing nicer than getting something a little bit different like your shoes that you know you can't buy at home.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. I'm just not sure the style suits me to be honest, a little too tent like at the back but I'm yet to try it for the 3rd time and the sun is out which makes things look better! Holiday shopping's great isn't it, enjoy your time! x

  2. It is sooo easy to get a bit carried away when you are on your hols isn't it?! Everything looks better when you have that holiday glow, not too mention the v.favourable exchange rate at the moment! Some fab them all! Well done for showing a bit of restraint and leaving the lovely bag behind! ;0) xx

    1. Um yes - just a tad! Now I was fairly proud of myself too with that bag, a few years ago it would have been a different story! x

  3. It's so refreshing to hear of things being cheaper in euros!! Normally there is wailing and gnashing of teeth this side of the pond, as we tend to get screwed with the sterling rate from the UK stores. Great, great purchases. I'm going to Puerto Banus in September, so it will be interesting to see if the prices vary much from Dublin.

    1. Yes, I was only asking my Sister the other day if she thought the Euro prices were as cheap as in Spain (as she lives in Dublin). Fingers crossed! x

  4. Fab buys Natalie, I love the blouses and that stripe top does look perfect, like it fits beautifully and is lovely drapey fabric. I have had a recent splurge in Zara and it is so gutting when you see the Euro price under the £ price I feel we are getting a bit of a bad deal here, nevertheless I bought loads?! xxx

    1. It is just the right fit Francis, really is. I know, frustrating isn't it but unless you are abroad, there isn't really the choice is there as their stuff is fab! x

  5. I love holiday purchasing Natalie! It just seems much more exciting than doing it at home! I love the denim dress & hope it works for you! Fab buys! Andrea x


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