Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The One About The Shoes

Just in case you are a new reader and may not have grasped this from previous posts, I'm a little obsessed with good quality materials, natural ones at that.  Leather is a must on my feet (yes, Haviana's have a place - by the pool or else they just rub my feet).  On a recent holiday to Spain, I naturally had to go to the supermarket (and quite frankly one of my favourite things to do abroad, I love finding new food and inspiration, I must get out more I know).  Right next door there is a mini department store which always seems to have the odd few brands in at cheap prices.  Needless to say, I deviated as I'd done well there before.  Top tip when in Spain or Italy - always, always have a peek in the shops you least expect.  The Spanish and Italians make great leather shoes.

I found these leather tassel pumps for around £20 in the sale
They have been worn so much already, what a bargain!
On my second visit, determined to find another bargain, I found these below.  Immediately drawn by the animal print and the leather again, was amazing, lined in and out.  However they just felt huge on my feet.  When I looked down it felt like I had flippers on.  I took the photo to see if it was just me and my perspective which it probably was but knowing I hadn't hit Zara at that point, I didn't want to not be 100%.  So for £35, these babies were grabbed by someone else (literally, I saw the lady dash to the till) . 

Thanks to a lovely Instagram reader, I came home to my Ash sandals.  I had regretted not getting them in the sample sale and refused to pay the full asking price of over £100.  Still thinking they were pricey (and for me, they were) at £67 I took the plunge but I am so glad I did.  They finally made their debut today.  They are one strap shorter up the ankle than the ones I was initially after however I prefer these so it really was meant to be that I walked away at the sample sale.

For anyone after a damn good pair of leather sandals that are a bit different (and slightly like the Balenciaga ones I most definitely can't afford) check out Brand Boudoir.  They have a great selection and the best prices I've seen.

Lastly, I know I've blogged about these Fig leather sandals before from Topshop however I finally got to see them in the flesh a few weeks ago.  Most definitely worth the £39 price tag and a great alternative to my ones above.  They have them in black, white, tan and gold.  If I hadn't have purchased my Ash one's then I think these would have been my new Summer sandals.  I am holding out for the post Summer sales though and maybe they can be next years sandals for half the current price.....!


  1. The Ash were definitely worth it and I adore the Spanish flats. Love the tassel & pointed toe!

  2. Thanks Helen, I think so too, so well made x


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