Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Camel Coats

It's been a while since I've done a research post so here goes with one on camel coats.  It's a bit of a hole I've only just noticed for some reason.  I have a grey coat and a black/tan animal coat as far as wool coats go so I've managed fine previously.  However both are pretty old now (you know when you really love a coat and it just lives in your wardrobe then one day you realise it is a tad tatty?) so I've been keeping an eye open.  My need for wool though seems to be a issue.  Goodness I hate a cheap coat that bobbles after one season, I buy to last. but my findings so far;

My inspiration but it may be a little long for me and this is over my budget but I love how it is smart yet worn casually.

Topshop £195 
Being short I am tempted to go for a pea coat style and like this one at Uniqlo but it's only 33% wool, I need more than that for warmth as well as being obsessed with a good fibre composition (regular readers know I wear thermals and friends know I wear a vest pretty much all year round!).

Uniqlo £69.90
A duffle style from House of Fraser, but I'm not too sure on the actual duffle bit as I think it makes it too casual for what I'm after but it's 56% wool so not bad.

Therapy at House of Fraser £69.30
I love everything about this ASOS coat which I saw on Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup but sadly it's out of stock.  A fair price and at 74% wool I'm not surprised it's sold out.  Come on ASOS, get it back in again!

ASOS £85
I am a huge M&S fan so I naturally checked them out.  A little too girly for me and only 44% wool for nearly £100 so it wouldn't cut it in my boat. 

M&S £89
Getting closer with John Lewis and this Precis Petite coat which is £179 down to £89.  70% wool, 20% polyamide and 10% cashmere - now that's better! If only the fur collar was removable I would possibly give it a go.

Precis Petite £89
And just in case anyone's after a grey coat, I think this is gorgeous from Mango and 62% wool for £69.99 (sign up to their newsletter, they are always doing 20/30/40% off promotions).

So who has a camel/tan wool coat with a great wool content for under £100 - do share please!  I feel I will wait until the sales now anyway!

PS The hubby has just pointed out that I don't have a 'hole' in my wardrobe for one, I don't need a coat in every single yeah but it's a staple colour right?!?  What does he know!


  1. Oh your poor hubby! Of course you need a camel coat - it's a staple for any self-respecting stylist!!! I haven't been looking to be honest (although that Topshop one is gorgeous) I have a swing coat in camel that I bought in Zara 3 years ago and is still going strong. Absolutely love it and now think that everyone should own a camel coat!

    1. I think once you've got it, it will just be in your wardrobe for a very long time, such a staple!x

  2. A couple of months back, Uniqlo did one which was 90% wool and 10% cashmere. It was very soft but a horrible fit on me - I was too short. Helen from Fashion40'ish has it and she adores it. It's hard to say what works and doesn't actually. Sometimes, if the focus is too much on the fabric - you can discount some little gems on the way. My search for the camel coat goes on ... I'll let you know when I find it.

    1. Noooo, can't believe I missed out on that one - what a fab combination of materials! Most probably too long on me then as I'm shorter. I know, I know, but materials has always been key for me, my fab red coat is bobbling already :( Keep me posted x

  3. I've looked for two winters now and still can't find one to suit me :-( I will persevere! Lynne xx


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