Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Ash Jalouse Boots

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had made a sneaky purchase at the Ash sample sale.  It wasn't planned, they weren't on my shopping list (bugger, forgot to do one for this month, oops!) and truth be told I didn't 100% need them BUT, I'm not sure what I was wearing before as they've lived on my feet since.  They are a great heel, not too high or short, I adore the suede and the distressed worn look and they are very comfortable.  The way the boot dips at the front really elongates the leg, especially when worn with skirts and dresses.  I actually changed into them as soon as I bought them in London and walked around the city in them for the rest of the day, which is really unlike me - I do tend to mull over a purchase for a little too long!

My PTA Christmas Fayre outfit - I stood on a stall for hours in them!
Jumper & Jeans; Topshop
Boots; Ash

My cashmere jumper I bought from M&S in the Summer months was worn today, it's so warm and snuggly.  I returned it as it went down again and ended up paying something like £32 for it from their Autograph section, it was £129 full price.  I know, I know, a proper bargain hunter that's me!

Jumper; M&S
Jeans; Topshop
Boots; Ash
Tail; My cat Lizzie's - not mine!

A closer picture of the worn/aged look
I paid £75 for these from the sample sale but they retail at about £145.  They are true to size but can be a little tight getting on to start with.  There were also navy and grey ones but these fitted the best and I have some old black Topshop boots that 'needed' to be replaced (after I found these and justified them to myself of course!).


  1. They look fabulous! I've listed after Ash Jalouse for some time now! I love the taupe ones but these are gorgeous. Lynne xx

  2. Oh same here, I love the taupe but luckily that decision was out of my hands as there were none in that colour! I would really recommend them, they're a fab boot x

  3. Great buy Natalie as was that jumper! I think you are more of a bargain hunter than me and that's saying something! x

    1. We need to get together then Sharon - can you imagine what we'd find between us?!?!x

  4. BARGAIN BABE, that is what I'll call you from now on! Boots look amazing.

  5. I say the gold version on sale for 70 pounds in a boutique called they ship so super cute with a white dress in the summer
    Love the blog


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