Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Ash Press Day

I had a half day in London the other week where I raced around to a few press days and sample sales in between school drop off's and parents evening.  I shunned the tube and reckon I walked a fair old few miles but I love London so any opportunity to view it from ground level, I take it.  First off I went to the Ash SS15 press day.  For those of you who don't know the brand (where have you been??) they are pretty damn famous for their Jalouse boot and wedge trainers.  New to 2015 is their clothing line, some great pieces in store for us all.  Here's a round up of my favourites.

Their new clothing collection has a simple colour palette with distinctive yet un-fussy patterns.  The quilted texture, looked just as good in the flesh.
The leather items were stunning.
Suede boots - my absolute favourite and the peep toes weren't bad either!
Their wedge trainers are still there with the trainer addition of animal prints, colour and sparkles.
For those of you who thought the skater shoe was a one season wonder, think again.
Snake print, fringing, studding, leather and suede = WINNERS!
I'm not a huge fan of the heavier sole but agree they are very trendy.  However the snake print can stay for good!

If I wasn't such a tight Mummy then I would so be decking my girls out in their shoes - oh and grab myself a matching pair of trainers!
The leather back pack is back for another season.  Stunning leather, a true made to last item.

Fringing also back again next season with three amazing easy to wear colours available
Simple and chic, love this so much 
So what to wear on a damp day walking around London?  My leather skirt of course!  I wore a simple thin merino jumper (with a vest under for extra warmth, naturally) and kept colour out accept for my jacket.

Jumper; Gap
Bracelet; Annie Haak
Watch; Tag
Skirt; Mango
Boots; Topshop

Jacket; Zara
Bag; Balenciaga
I may have made an impromptu purchase at the Ash sample sale but that can wait until another post....!


  1. I shouldn't wish my life away but the clothing looks amazing, can't wait.

  2. I have been wanting a pair of Ash Genials forever ... at this stage, they'll be out of fashion by the time I get them! So many gorgeous shoes ... I'm really not surprised you made an impromtu purchase. Ash footwear would be too much to resist for me :)

    1. You need to get to one of their sample sales, they were going for £50-£70!x

  3. I wouldn't know where to start with picking out some key items - the shoes, the bags, the clothes and of course the iconic boots all look amazing (as do you)!


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