Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Mega Sandal Order!

I ordered big!  House of Fraser had an additional 10% off for card holders, I was getting desperate and there was nothing in the shops so I ordered 7 pairs!  Just in case you've missed my last posts, I have a beach wedding to go to at the end of the month and so I've been after some blingy sandals to go with my dress.

From L to R; Steve Madden, Carvela, Ravel, Dorothy Perkins and Office
I am not well at the moment so I'm not really thinking straight (yes, for those that know me well, I never really do anyway I hear you shout) and hate forcing a decision.  So at the very least I whittled it down to the ones that fit and sorry to say, those sparkly Gina look a like Carvela gems did not fit.  So I have two to decide on.  I also hate buying items just for one occasion so my gut is loving the black and white pony skin the most, regardless of the fact the gem ones go perfectly. 

I do like to mix it up a little hence the pony skin is still winning by a mile at the moment!
Then I raided my wardrobe just one last time - just in case.  I bought these Dune shoes in the Winter sales and they are yet to be worn.  So not right for a beach but apparently the bride is wearing mega heels later on in the evening as we are at a 'venue' of sorts.  So I'm contemplating these for a moment too.

Then I decided to just try on the 'doubles' (I bought two sizes in styles that had both available) and testimony to how not with it I am, I had completely forgotten about my favourite Steve Madden ones that I had put under the pony skin box as I just assumed it was the other size!  So here are the white pony skin with gems.  I love them, but they so don't go with the dress.....

So what do you guys think?  I need to cart the big box back to the post office ASAP (I hate returns hanging around for long) as I am too embarrassed to do a store return with this lot!  


  1. I officially hand over my title of the Queen of Returns to you Natalie!

    What happened to the Mel sandals that you didn't buy? Have you tried googling them for a good deal?

    1. Oh I am a proper serial returner! I don't like to be rushed to make a decision in a shop (nor do I have the time with my toddler!). Um, the Mel sandals arrive in store tomorrow....x

  2. The quest for the sandal goes on. Oh I hope it's a happy ending. Love the Steve Madden ones but also love the other pair too. I'm no use Natalie. Sorry x

  3. The Steve Madden ones get my vote!

  4. I like both pairs so I'm useless too, Natalie. Good luck choosing! Lynne x

  5. Love the black & white Steve Madden ones Natalie but equally love the red ones too! Decisions decisions, I'd go with whichever one you think you'll get the most use from after the wedding.
    Jane xx

  6. I think I prefer the red ones - and if you say they match the outfit better, I'd go with them. The pony skin ones are a bit clumpy and I'm not a fan of that ankle strap. Good luck - you're making me cold reading this post - lol xx

  7. My vote goes to the Steve Madden pony skin ones....they are gorgeous with the dress! xx

  8. Gutted about the Gina look a likes as they would go with all dresses. Can't you order another size if you love them?

  9. Well ladies, you lot aren't much help! But I am sensing the Steve Madden were winning - but which ones?!?!x

  10. The ponyskin SM ones are perfect & would be great next Summer too! The heels are perfect to change into for the evening too! How exciting Natalie! Its going to be wonderful! Ax

  11. Well, I've had a complete U turn! Blog update coming soon x


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