Thursday, 2 October 2014

Tower London Breakfast

I spent a lovely Sunday morning the other week in North London with the crew at Tower London checking out there shoes.  What other way is there to spend a morning right?!?  Here's my round up of their latest offering with a great selection of brands.

Calvin Klein
The marmite Ugg!  Personally I still think there's a place for them, they are too comfy not to be in my wardrobe
If only my girls were with me!
Just a few Converse!
I LOVE Timberland boots, such a well made, sturdy, comfy shoe
Tommy Hilfiger, probably my favourite boot of the day
The French Connection suede and studded slipper were just as good in the flesh, honest
No collection would be complete without the Ash boot
For all the Birkenstock fans out there (I am a fan but they just don't work on my feet!)
My favourite colour was this green
Vivienne Westwood for Mel (for some reason, it's the baby powder smell that wins me over with these shoes!)
My error of the day were these Mel sandals.  Reduced to £21 - they would have gone perfectly with my dress for the beach wedding later this month, arrrrrgh!  Why wasn't my thinking cap on properly that day?  Back up to full price £33.99 and no small sizes left.  Booo!
I'm now a little obsessed with finding some Mel sandals - has anyone ever bought some?  Do they rub?  I am thinking in heat they may not be ideal but I really like them.....!

Dorothy Perkins has this one for £14, very tempted but I will await any reviews on them from you guys first!

(PS Just read that they are a Vegan friendly brand and the bride is a Vegan, I am thinking I should order them, are you seeing my logic here?!?!)

And now I'm just getting carried away - the Vegan bride needs these!


  1. Some fab shoes there Natalie and must say those M flip flops would be fine in the heat, it's not like they are closed in and agree the bride does need those LOVE ones! x

  2. Love the FC pumps. I'm on the hunt for pointed ones but not sure what colour or style yet. How daft are you!!!! The sandals would have been brilliant with your dress. Hope you get sorted x

    1. They were so nice, I loved the studding detail. Oh I know, it was an early start for me on a Sunday morning, my head just wasn't screwed on properly!x

  3. Total shoe heaven!! I'd of been dribbling my way around!! You have to get the Bride those flip flops!! Ax


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