Sunday, 10 August 2014

& Other Stories

I was in London this week and had a spare half hour to pop along to a few shops.  Oxford Street was rammed so I mainly stayed down Regent Street and headed straight to & Other Stories as I don't often get a chance to visit it.  For those of you who don't know this store, it's H&M's older sister so to speak.  The store is lovely to browse around, lots of clean lines in the styles, simple colour palettes, some classic and contemporary pieces and not cluttered but easy to navigate.  I tend to home in on the high end fabrics and this silk shirt was no exception.  

Silk shirt £65
I love this mink version of it
One of my favourite things about this store is that you can try their beauty products as they have a sink with all the scents out ready and waiting.  What a lovely idea (especially in London where I constantly feel grubby after all the tube journeys!) and it makes it so temping to purchase.  Not being one to walk past the sales stand I did grab a few products to try.

The washing area

And environmentally friendly too!
My purchases (between 50-70% off, total bill was just under £7!)
I'm a huge lip pencil fan so thought I'd try out theirs and some sponges for when I eventually purchase a tinted moisturiser of some description
Some little treats for my Mummy - the scent was amazing and what a description too!
So there's my little round up of this store, if you are near it, do pop in (the only one in the UK is Regent Street, London).  They sell online too. 


  1. Love this round up, I am a huge fan of &other stories and Cos, both take a bit of trying on but have some amazing pieces. Love the silk shirt xx

    1. Yes I think some time trying on is a must in some items look far better on than on a hanger x

  2. Next time I'm in town I shall pop on by to wash my hands :-)! What a great idea

  3. Loved this post. I've only been there once and since then, I have been just waiting (and waiting) for them to open a Dublin store. Love their stuff.

  4. It's actually quite a big store isn't it? and takes a bit of looking through as I do think there are some gems. I managed to have a sneak peak in February but I really could have done with some more time for trying on so I could gauge their sizing more.

    Can you do a similar one on COS and see what their latest offerings are like please?

    1. Yes, surprisingly so! Next time I'm near a Cos, will do a post for you Sue! x

  5. I am yet to get to one of their stores but I'm hoping a girly day trip to London in the new year is on the cards! The washing area is a great idea & I do hate the thought of grubby hands all over my new clothes too!! You are such a bargain hunter Natalie! Love it! Ax


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