Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What's In My Bag?

Bag that day; Balenciaga
If you're anything like me, you will love a nosey post like this!  This was a 'I have no kids with me' bag hence only one token child 'ish' thing but I do generally lug around this hefty lot with me all the time.  I am a 'just in case' kind of person.  I won't bore you with pictures of what's inside everything, we will be here all day but here's a few close ups.

These four are always with me without a doubt;
  • Miu Miu purse 
  • Lulu Guiness zip pouch; most probably intended for cosmetics but holds all my families gift cards and coupons, yes I have a coupon purse....
  • Gucci cosmetics pouch; I don't tend to take my makeup out with me, it's purely a lip balm, mirror, lozenges, plasters, hair grips kind of pouch
  • Smythson business card holder

  • Mini iPad with read leather case; this is new to me, I'm not an iPad fan but it is perfect for travel and size wise brilliant to hold.  I am in love with it already (and I don't often say that about technology pieces!).  Just in case any of you have saved up your Tesco vouchers, it's their double up promotion period and iPads are included, hence I got mine for next to nothing!
  • Mini filofax; I refuse to use the calendars on my phone, I like pen and paper for diaries

  • Gucci sunglasses
  • One Direction tissues (I did tell you at the start there was a token 'child ish' thing included, these are them!
  • Dior Nail Glow; I painted on the go that day
  • And finally, believe it or not, a Mulberry tape measure.  You never know when you need to measure something......
So does anyone else carry this much with them on a regular basis?  Aside from the nail polish and iPad, the rest is pretty much standard in my bag.  I have tried to cull it, but the one time I leave something behind, I need it.  Obviously sunglasses aren't needed come the Winter months!


  1. Wow - you really are a cover all bases kind of girl aren't you? I will take one thing away from all this though - a measuring tape - brilliant idea!

    1. Yep! It has come in handy quite a few times!x

  2. If I'm going anywhere with you, I know all bases will be covered! That's an impressive line up of stuff! I carry so little with me - purse, phone & lipstick....I'm never prepared for anything lol x

    1. If I could cull it, I would but I'm a 'stuff' person!!!x

  3. Love posts like these, yes I am nosey! I remember doing one when I first started blogging, it may be time for an update!

    1. Me too! Oh and the ones with a little nosey round the home too! x

  4. Oh wow that is one organised & amazing bag! I'm off to clean mine out & remove all the used tissues & sweet wrappers! Lol! I am just now being able to take a smaller bag out with me & not cart loads of kids stuff around with me all the time & it feels great but strange! Ax


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