Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Tidy Up & Some Outfits

I was on another one of my missions last week-end to clear out some more elderly members of my wardrobe and have a re-shuffle in there.  It went well, the charity shop was pleased!  Does anyone else find that their nail polishes never go off either?!?  I tried to have a sort out but after running out of fingers and toes to test on, I concluded that they were all fine anyway!

My original nail polish basket was over flowing so they ended up in a softer basket then in the tray of my tall unit that normally houses jumpers, t-shirts etc.  I had had such a good sort through that it left space at the bottom to neatly store my favourite shoes (ok, and the pricier ones) as well. The unit is from Ikea's Pax range but I have a walk in wardrobe (it's not as large as it sounds) so this just stands on its own in the middle.  It's great that whenever you buy items from them, they are all made to fit inside one another.  The shoe boxes weren't bought initially to go in the unit, but they are just the right size anyway.  I love opening the door now and seeing them right in front of me all safely tucked away and protected (from the cats and the children!).  Sometimes a little re-organising is all it takes to make the wardrobe more inspiring and enticing.  

A comfy casual outfit below.  My favourite Topshop Baxter jeans and a very soft La Redoute cashmere jumper.  My animal French Sole pumps have worn in beautifully, I fully recommend them.

I had a meeting with a client last week to sort through her wardrobe.  Whenever I do wardrobe edits I like to be comfortable as I get stuck in and always end up on my hands and knees at some point (mostly turning trousers up, I don't go under their beds searching for clothes honest!).  My silk and cotton J Crew T-shirt finally got an airing.  I picked out the deep purple and wore my Gap jeans with them, then my old favourite Miss Selfridge leather jacket, quite possibly the best £35 I have ever spent on leather!  I remember trying it on in the Debenhams in Westfield on New Years day years ago (my sisters birthday and we had all gone shopping!) and my whole family hated it.  I just had a feeling about it though and unusually for me, I ignored their advice and bought it.  

I love the silk back!

Finished with another pair of Spanish shoes from last years holiday that were ridiculously cheap, around £10 from memory, leather in and out!  It doesn't matter about the cost, it's about what your clothes are made from and how well they are constructed that counts!

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and starting to wear your Spring/Summer wardrobes! 


  1. Oh that top is absolutely gorgeous! I love it with the jeans and the shoes .. (SHOE ENVY)!

  2. Funnily enough I went to sort my nail polishes out but decided that there was nothing wrong with them & would be madness to throw them just because they were a couple of years old, although of course I generally have a handful that are my favourites!! Love your J Crew t-shirt.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  3. Same here Jane! I keep thinking 'one day I will use that colour, wrong to get rid' !
    Loving my tassel tactic pumps Fiona! x

  4. Ohh love a good sort out....although I do end up putting more things back in my wardrobe than I should....I need to be a bit ruthless!! Great Jcrew tshirt, sp pretty with the silk panel. The cashmere jumper looks so comfortable with that bit of luxury x

  5. That tee shirt is just gorgeous. I have nail varnishes that are up to 20 years old .. and still perfect! It's only now that they're really getting full use, due to my daughter's recent addiction to doing nail art on all her friends!

  6. Love that top Natalie! I've been investing in new nail polishes & I'm craving many more! It must be the sunshine! Was so lovely to meet you this week! <3 xx

  7. Kareema, stick it out in the garage, if you don't go back for anything within a few weeks, get rid!
    I reckon my polishes will end up being used that way too Helen!
    You too Andrea, best part of the day! x


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