Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Ralph Lauren Bargain & Blogging Guests

I had another result in my local TK Maxx the other week with Ralph Lauren.  Last year I found some amazing chino style trousers that fitted perfectly and I have lived in them come the warmer months. This time round I found a skinny crop coloured jean for £22, yes, that's £22 for Ralph Lauren!  As with my pair last year, they fitted perfectly and finished just at the right point around my ankle.  I wore them the next day as the sun was shining!

On a very rare occasion I had a photographer to take the shots.  Within moments however, I was photo bombed by the sprogglets.  The out-takes!

Preparing myself....

Here comes the eldest.....

Trying to control the unruly child....

Oh heck, the youngest makes herself part of it too

One last ditched attempt of controlling the situation....

I give up!

So I sent them away and went back to taking the shots myself!  Don't say I don't share with you guys on here!

T-shirt - Superdry
Jeans - Ralph Lauren
Shoes - from a Spanish shop!
I was in such a hurry to wear them I wore them with the tags on, oops!
News just in - my sister who lives in Dublin has found me a Victoria Beckham top in her TK Maxx! Have I ever mentioned how much I love my sister?!?!  It best fit, excited, me, much?  Anyone else finding some gems there at the moment?


  1. OK, now you're just annoying me!!!! First off, you get the BEST bargains in TK Maxx, which I can just about stomach. But now you tell me that your sister is finding Ms Beckham in a DUBLIN TK Maxx?? That's just too much for me to bear .....
    (And just how gorgeous are your sproglets!! Super pics x)

  2. Such a cute shoot! Love the stripes ;)

    thanks so much for your sweet comment on my Wedding Season post.x

  3. Sorry Helen! Let's hope it doesn't for so that I don't have to share it on here!! Mmmm, not so gorgeous most of the time the little rascals!
    Ah thank you Wendy. You are very welcome x

  4. That is so funny Natalie, lovely photos. Who needs a blogger pose when you have 2 gorgeous little ones. Love your Super Dry and great RL bargain too x

  5. I love finding a bargain in TK Maxx, wish I found bargains like this more often though! Cute girls - loving their fashionista mummy;)

  6. Such cute photo bombers! Great outfit & I can't wait to hear all about your VB top! There is a TK Maxx 5 mins away but I still haven't made it there yet! xx


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