Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Vogue Festival - My Day In Pictures

Better late than never - I've finally got round to sharing my snaps from the Vogue Festival last month. The festival is fairly new (3rd one they've done) and has lots of different fashionista speakers you can go and listen to.  I heard about it first last year when Victoria Beckham did it - I was gutted to have missed out on her so this year I made sure I was on the ball ticket wise.  They are pricey (£45 odd per session) so my friend and I decided to only see the one which was 'My Fashionable Life' with Tory Burch, Angela Missoni and Manolo Blahnik.  However we discovered there were other things to see and do their once you were in (it as at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in South Bank) so you didn't feel like the price was too bad.  There was a mini cinema, make-up sessions with Burberry, manicures (found out a little too late and missed out!), hair stylists and the chance for budding designers to show their products to a Vogue editor.   So all in all, the price wasn't too bad.  Our day started in Harrods (naturally) just for a little browse around as our talkers didn't start until later.

Had to have a little look in Chanel of course
I majorly want an Equipment shirt, the silk was amazing
I love this bomber jacket from T by Alexander Wang 
Amazing dress from Victoria Beckham, absolutely stunning
Then we arrived!
A quick pit stop
Drinks and a treat in the sunshine!
Additional mini talks going on that were free to watch once you were in
Eagerly awaiting ....
Tory Burch
Tory Facts;
  • She is the second youngest self made millionaire
  • Her first boutique was opened in New York in 2004, her first London store in 2011
  • Her brand came from "something I was missing in the market.  I love designer clothes but could never afford them."
  • With her first collection, she "wanted to build a lifestyle global brand"
  • Bergdorf Goodman was her first account in 2004 
  • Travel is a huge inspiration for her collections
  • "If I wasn't a great Mum, I wouldn't be a great CEO"
She came across as a really down to earth, a working single Mum who appreciates what she has but has had to work really hard to get there and has a great team behind her.  She also supports women in business with her Tory Burch Foundation.

Lucinda Chambers (Vogue's Fashion Director) who led the talks rocking the socks and shoe combo
Angela Missoni
Angela Facts;
  • The brand, famous for their colourful zigzag patterns, was created by her parents in 1953, after they met when he ran in the Olympics 
  • She attended the fashion house's first show at the age up 5 but "grew up very free"
  • She started off in jewellery before her Mum encouraged her to be more involved with the fashion line
  • She took years off to be a Mum and did everything from starting her own kindergarten to raising organic chickens before returning to the family brand
  • A question from the audience about starting in the industry made her respond with "if you really have something to say, you will be heard" 
  • She feel's "there's still lots more things I need to fix"
Angela came across so warm and passionate about her families brand.  Something that started many many years ago has stood the test of time and I can't help but think that part of the reason is it's deep rooted family values.  

Tory, Angela mid flow and Manolo
Manolo Blahnik
Manolo Facts;
  • The world renowned shoe designer was mentioned in every episode of Absolutely Fabulous
  • He designed Kate Moss's wedding shoes
  • He grew up in The Canary Islands where as a young boy he used to make shoes for lizards out of silver foil 
  • He can't work with a team, he does everything himself apart from the sizing
  • He has a house in Bath, UK
  • When asked if he ever relax's, he said "I wish I could, no!  I don't like TV much"
  • An audience question prompted him to say; "you have to have passion" and when asked about whether he really did do it all himself, he said; "no, no, no, I do everything"
Manolo had a great sense of humour, really dry and I partly felt he didn't know how funny he came across.  A little eccentric with a quirky personality, with his unique accent I could have listened to him talk all night. 

As they left the stage they all walked towards my side of the auditorium, it was only then did I realise that Rosita Missoni was sat a few rows in front of me!  Check out her adorable plaited hair below!

Rosita with the glasses on

I had to have my picture taken in front of the Vogue covers wall.  I wore heels but changed into flats for my commute!

Shirt; H&M
Trouser; MiH
Shoes; Bally Switzerland
Bag; Balenciaga
Watch; Tag
Fur Gilet; Zara
I had to get a close up with Victoria! 
Angela & VogueTV's Martha Ward 
And then the hustle and bustle, people started dashing, I joined in and lost my friend (sorry Jess) not knowing why but it was worth it.  Valentino was walking to the auditorium for his talk and stopped to give us all a wave, wow!

Silly me for loosing Jess, she got much closer!
I didn't get close enough to Valentino for a photo together (!) but I did with his partner and business partner Giancarlo Giammetti, I was a tad excited!

It was a brilliant day, I adore London anyway but it was so nice hearing these fantastical icons of our time speak, such a treat.

Tired and with a few hours commute home we ended our day having a little stroll around The Real Food Market outside followed by a delicious halloumi wrap.  If anyone is near South Bank, it is always open Friday - Sunday and I fully recommend for fresh yummy food. 


  1. Of course I'm not envious at all, I am full-on jealous. What an amazing day. Love, love, love this post Natalie, so well written, I thought I was there with you x

  2. What a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing it with us x

  3. Oh wow, that sounds like the most amazing day. How fab! And let me tell you ... all you need to do is darken your eyebrows and you'd look like VB's twin in that photo! Stunning :)

  4. Now this sounds like a day and a half. Great picks and you look SO excited. You looked fabulous too. H xx

  5. Thank you all, it really as a lovely day, am so going again next time! Well Helen, I think you & me are going to be really good friends now....x

  6. Wow what an amazing event and fascinating to read about Tory Burch - that's some serious inspiration, that she is self made! I love your outfit and Vogue wall shots x

  7. I know, she was very inspiring! Ah, thank you! x

  8. Oh I'm so jealous - your day looks fab, and so inspiring. You've inspired me to actually book my tickets next year after being so tempted before!

  9. Oh it sounds so worth it Natalie! What a great day out! Ax

  10. I wish I'd have come now :-( xxx


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