Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Summer Dress Post & Some Help Needed Please!

After having a very lazy day at home yesterday I was up for a quick trip to Bicester Village to get the girls some new sandals.  I am not a 'dress' person, I love my jeans and always feel comfortable in them so it takes a good dress to steer me away from them.  I bought this lace Topshop one last year online.  I am a huge lace fan so when I saw it online I had to give it a go.  I bought it towards the end of the Summer so it didn't get much wear but I am planning on changing that this year!

Dress: Topshop
Sandals; Next
It is so comfy, not tight or a restricting fabric and light for the warmer days.  After having one of those chuck anything on days yesterday it was so nice to feel good in a girly dress.  Clothes do make a difference to my mood!

So my question to you.  The bag - did you notice it?  I have been deliberating over it for the last two weeks. I spied it seriously reduced in TK Maxx and bought it to ponder later as I didn't have much time.  Now as much as I know I like what I like, I do have a tendency to go 'off on one' as my husband likes to call it and when he saw this, he said it was one of those times!  I love the leather, the colours and I am rather partial to a stripe.  Oh and it's very well made.  But is it nice?  I've been looking for a more Summery day bag with a shoulder strap for the pram and thought this was the one.  But after purchasing (and returning I hasten to add) a Juicy Couture tracksuit top recently I am questioning my sanity!  I had a long standing need for a JC tracksuit in my life, since, well a kid so I thought I had better buy it.  Turns out, I had to loose that need in favour of spending my money a little more wisely!

£233 down to £58.40

So answers below please - am I loosing my marbles?  Is it a bit bonkers or 'cheap' looking as one friend called it?  Or quirky and different like I originally thought?!

PS if you are in need of a Summer dress, Topshop have just reduced this shape below.  I've ordered the grey so will let you know how it works when it arrives.  Link to it is through my 'Bargain Buy' above right.


  1. Well, would you have bought it if it were a River Island bag or Topshop for £60 without the branding? If you would then keep it - if it's only the brand that's swaying you then return. I think that if you have doubts then it's not the one for you.... X

    1. Um, possibly not. But then I also wouldn't spend that amount on a handbag from the High St as I know I could get a better one elsewhere. It's not about the brand, it's more about the print on this one. Am I still going to like it in 6 months time, it's not the 'classic' I usually go for! I am thinking it's a return purely based on my rule that's it's been sat there for 2 weeks and not once have I gone to use it! x

  2. Love your dress Natalie just stunning. If I'm being honest I'm not sure about the bag but then one of the reasons I love leopard print is the fact the pattern adds something to a simple plain outfit. If you returned it would you be forever looking for something similar? If not perhaps it's not something you're going to miss.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  3. I think you know the answer yourself! And that is to return it. If you haven't been tempted to use it in 2 weeks and if the hubs isn't impressed, then I don't think you'll ever be fully happy with it. The dress on the other hand is very pretty!!

  4. Oh lord I didn't even notice it as I was drooling over your cute dress. I think you might tire of it fairly quickly which ordinarily had it been a cheaper bag, you could ditch. The bags that remain in my wardrobe the longest are neutral colours. Does that help?? x

  5. Yes Donna, same here re remaining the longest. I am guessing the love for this one was one of my whims then! Back it goes! Thank you ladies, that's what I needed to hear! x
    PS do still have a little crush on it though.....!

  6. Your dress is gorgeous Natalie and the bag looks lovely with it.....but if you haven't used it yet I would take it back! I have a 7 day rule.....if I haven't worn it within 7 days of purchasing I don't love it enough and it goes back. By the sounds of it though you have already made up your mind it's not a keeper xx

  7. Adore the dress on you and it has been nice to be out and about in a dress the last couple of days hasn't it? I'm forever looking for something similar but which suits me as I really don't suit the skater shapes as my middle is filling out as time goes on so. I favour looser shapes now (this age thing is not good). As for the bag - I personally am not so keen but there's no explaining what can float your boat sometimes. Right now, I love fringes on bags and have just bought one and am in the same boat as you trying to work out whether I should keep or not - I don't see it as an investment item but more something fun and sometimes you need that.

  8. I love wearing dresses in the summer they are so easy to throw on and hide a multitude of sins! Yours is adorable - I am on the hunt for the PERFECT crochet dress right now! xx

  9. That dress is so gorgeous on you - I absolutely LOVE it on.
    The bag .. to be honest .. no. For the price? No. You only love it I suspect because it's a bargain?
    Those topshop dresses are ridiculously cheap - and I have one similar from Next that I adore

  10. Ok my lovely ladies, I hear you. Bag is going back, it was a whim and I need clothes more anyway (honestly, honestly I do!!!) x

  11. I'm so sad for you as you clearly loved it enough to buy it but if it you weren't that sure than I agree with the girls & back it goes! Its £60 you have to spend on one you do love! I think its a bit heavy looking & had it been canvas or straw it would of worked better?! The dress & sandals are stunning & like you I'm breaking out of my jeans rut atm too! That Topshop dress is a bargain! xx

  12. I adore the dress. Now lets discuss the bag. It is still a fairly substantial amount of money and when I buy a bag I am itching to use it straight away. If you haven't felt the urge I would probably return it. H xx

  13. That dress looks gorgeous on you Natalie! Not sure about the bag if I'm honest, now if it was white and navy stripe...................x

  14. I love the dress (it's so hard to find nice dresses with long sleeves) but I have to be honest and say I'm not loving the bag. I think it does look a bit cheap. like your friend said. You could get something far nicer for that money that you would be happier with too.

  15. I think not only have you all confirmed it's going back but that it was definitely one of 'those' moments of madness. I went off the style radar with the quirkiness....!x


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