Friday, 25 April 2014

The J.Crew Review

I heard all the hype and saw the store from the outside but based on the prices I had seen in magazines, online etc, I never bothered entering the doors of our first UK J.Crew on Regents Street. Why I don't take my own advice in looking as you just never know, I don't know.  My sister now travels a lot with work so when she told me she was near a huge shopping mall in Seattle I had a browse and saw there was a J.Crew.  Yep, I should have tried stuff on!  I investigated further and found the prices were like for like pound to dollar.  Oh and that the US had a 25% off promo going. God I love the US.  I spent the entire evening composing a wish list for her last month based on nothing but images and hear say it was good stuff.  I was willing to take the risk.  My sisters criteria, only two items, her choice based on quality, fit for me and actual colours.  Poor lady, no pressure Emma.   

It didn't end up being entirely left to her.  Bless her she called me twice as had found a merino jumper she also thought was 'me' but I abstained.  Error!  As soon as I opened my package this week-end (she now lives in Dublin, so I've had to wait!) I knew they were going to fit me.  I love it when I find a brand that just works.  I am so petite up top and always struggle but they fitted like a dream.  Size wise they are bang on what they say they are.  I only hope the quality lives up to my expectations washing wise.  Second major plus, the prices.  The below cotton top is £39.50 in the UK, $39.50 in the US then it was reduced to $29.99 -25% = £13.50.  I left it up to my sister on the colour choices but I now wish I had asked her to get both.  It is currently sold out in the UK, follow this link to see it.  It doesn't feel like just a normal cotton top, it is thicker, in between a cotton tee and a sweatshirt.  The 3/4 sleeves ended at just the right point.  Love it.

Top: J.Crew
Jeans: Gap
Pumps: Jones Bootmaker
The grey version
Second purchase was this grey silk tee, added to my wish list based on my love of silk.  £65 in the UK, $65 in the US - 25% off = £29 rounded up - less than half the price!  See it here but I'm afraid it's  also sold out (I know how to pick them!).  Now just warm up weather so I can wear it.

The front
The back
Online image
I am an eternal bargain hunter.  It hugely winds me up to pay more for something that is less elsewhere.  My poor sister will now be armed with lists when in the US particularly.  When she was in Dubai in January she was trying to buy me some discounted Manolo's but as I wasn't 100% on my sizing (and funds weren't available!) I declined.  Typical there's now currently 30% off J.Crew in the US.  She unfortunately isn't going back this month, damn.  

PS Laser eye op didn't happen.  Long, boring story with pants eyes so contact lenses and glasses it is for me!  Just such a shame it was on the day of the surgery they find something else out but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.  


  1. You have 2 amazing buys here Natalie.....both totally gorgeous!! It pays to do your research and you are so lucky that your sister was off to the States because the savings are huge!!
    So sorry to hear about your eye op.....being a contact lens and glasses wearer I have thought about having it done many times but I am far too much of a woose!! xx

  2. Like you I am always on the lookout for a bargain! You are lucky to have your sister to pick these bits up for you, I love JCrew but not their prices! xx

  3. That's the thing with J Crew isn't it? The prices. I did buy a sailor tee from there last year and nearly sent it back and then decided to keep it and every time I wash it, the seams twist so badly that I've given up trying to iron it and it has been relegated to bedwear. It wasn't cheap at nearly £50 for essentially a bed tee (pfft!). So I've not bought anything since but I'm hoping it was just a bad pick on my part.

    I love the first top on you and it is a lovely fit. I can't believe you turned down the grey option - I would have loved that!

  4. So sorry to hear about your' eye op. I am incensed that J.Crew simply exchange a dollar sign for a pound sign. I think doing it your' way is brilliant. I love the top on you. H xx

  5. Love your tops and good for you for researching prices. Sorry about your eye op, as you say, not meant to be. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  6. Bargains Natalie. Love the print on the back of the tee. Looking forward to visiting J Crew in the States in the summer for some quality bargainous stuff xx

  7. Oh no Sue - bed wear, that's terrible! I know, I know, I left it to her to pick as liked them both. Next time I won't be so daft!
    Happy shopping Donna, it's so much cheaper out there. Unless majorly on sale here, I won't be buying it from this country, such a shame.x

  8. Oh totally bargainous! Wow - sounds like your sister will be busy the next time she's totally have to get the other colour-way in that first top!
    And sorry to hear about the surgery....real'll have to treat yourself to some amazing specs to make up for the disappointment xx

  9. Oh wow they are both such bargains! I love the tee - its so cute! Well done you! xx

  10. Just to let you know I had a "little" browse through J. Crew sale and found the grey version of the cotton top you got and only for £15! Lu x

  11. As soon as I saw your note Lu, I jumped straight on the website. I got so excited, put loads of stuff in my basket, by the time I came to check out, nearly all had been removed as sold out :( was mad! Thank you so so much for letting me know though. I know next time to just checkout asap! x

  12. I know what you mean. Thats why I made 3 separate orders within half an hour! But, its worth checking back as the sizes come back in stock quite often. Thats how i got my pink painter tee and camo sweatshirt.

    Lu xx

    1. Thank you and noted! I have gone back and ordered but not the originals still, maybe as they were sale items they won't come back but I will check again just in case! x

  13. The grey painter tee is back in stock! Lu xx


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