Monday, 28 April 2014

The Primark Swimwear Haul

For the last 7+ years I have always headed to Primark as early as January to get some bikini's from them.  As much as I like to invest in quality, I have always really rated them for their swimwear, they last well, the fit is good and the prices as you would expect - ridiculously fair.  This was my second visit this year, I didn't like what they had to offer in February.  I sized up with the bottoms as they do make them a little skimpy but the tops were true to size.  I picked up the navy striped version of the below as well but the green and orange version was so much nicer so went with this one.

£7 for the set
Unusual for me, I went for one with a clasp fitting, I normally like to be able to tie them up as tight as possible but the fit on this one was great.  I love the option to add straps but I like to have at least one bikini I can wear and not worry about strap marks.  It is not the most bust enhancing style but  I would prefer not to have strap marks and the cups are softly moulded so it isn't too bad.

£10 for the set
I grabbed this without even trying it on, it was £5 and I thought the print and colours were gorgeous.  Again, not hugely flattering as it squashes my chest slightly but so easy to pull on and wear when I'm running about after the kids.  Holiday wear only - far too much leg would be on show minus a tan in this country!  Oh and it has pockets, double result for Mummy duties!

Whilst queueing I saw the below hangers.  My wardrobe is in need of a tidy up again (I aim for every 3 months) so I thought these would cheer it up and entice me.  Time isn't on my side as always but they have worked as far as a little colour co-ordinated organising has started to happen.  They are great for not leaving hanger marks as they are felt covered.

£4 for 10
Not from Primark but whilst I am on the holiday wardrobe radar I clocked these in BHS, from Miss Selfridge.  All leather, even the soles and with that amount of jewels on I didn't think the £35 price tag was that unwarranted.  

My big Summer holiday isn't until October this year so I am hoping that we have a good one here in the UK so I can get a bit of colour.  Anyone else buying months in advance like me?!


  1. Primark swimwear is great - it's always nice to go in there before you go on holidays to get you in the spirit. They have a fab bikini with flamingos on it in there that my friend really wants but everywhere we look they only have very small or big sizes. Guess the swimwear is popular with everyone!

  2. Fab haul both the bikinis and the playsuit looks great too! xx

  3. Yep I have sorted my complete holiday wardrobe out. I find it cheers me up during early spring. I just hope we book a blooming holiday soon! I love your' purchases. I have loads of bikinis and have gone for a one piece as my purchase this year (sign of age) H xx

  4. I wish I could wear cheap bikinis but because I have no chest I have to invest in push up swimwear.
    The spotty one is VERY CUTE

  5. Honestly Fiona, I think I have less than you to fill a bikini! But they are all lightly padded without being obvious and hold in & up (!) what I have no problem. I have had ones from them for years and they've really stood the test of time x

  6. Love your choices. I find Primark swimwear are cut too neat especially the bottoms and end up adjusting them constantly - it's an age thing Natalie, I never use to be like that!! God, you will look gorgeous in your little haul in October x


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