Monday, 3 March 2014

The L.K.Bennett Event

I had the pleasure of aiding some fabulous shoppers the other week at L.K.Bennett's store in Marylebone High Street.  If you haven't had a walk down there, then do.  It's such a lovely little part of London that is so close to the hustle and bustle yet feels like miles away.  Think boutique, high end shops (it reminds me of the scenes in the movie Notting Hill for some reason) with some very good charity shops too!  

All about me!  (Right next to that gorgeous scarf!)
L.K's have some great work wear staples not to mention their shoes which covers you from flats to courts to boots.  If you are near, stop by and pay Natasha and her team a visit, they are all so friendly and helpful and know their stock very well. 

My favourite item from the night had to be these little bobby dazzlers which had me and a shopper mesmerised in conversation over them.  Team with a great boyfriend jean for a chic, understated  look.
The 'Tilly' £195
Over to what I wore for the evening.  I started with my feet and worked upwards!  My trusted L.K sandals were the basis for the colours of my outfit.  I wanted to wear a trouser as I feel my most comfortable in them when running around looking after clients.  Then I decided on a blazer to keep the ensemble smart.  It was the first outing for my bargain sparkly Topshop blazer (blogged about here) and I loved wearing it.  I then picked out the nude/pink from the shoes and popped that  colour underneath the blazer.  Please excuse the grainy, tired looking shots.  I took the photo around 11pm after a long day.

Blazer; Topshop
Top: Warehouse
Trousers; Topshop

Lastly I added some accessories.  This broach was my Nan's, its costume jewellery, not real diamonds but I am hugely sentimental when it comes to family items so it's worth a lot to me.  It's actually one broach that cleverly splits into two.  Just before I dashed out of the house leaving my Mum in charge of the girls (poor lady) she said I needed something else, so the broach it was.

(the netting either side of my blazer?  Yep, that's my pac-a-mac...)
You may see a glimpse above of my belt.  I am a sucker for an animal print and enjoy adding some for a bit of fun to my looks.  It's a black and white belt so sort of in-keeping with the over all colours and tones of my look.

Shoes: L.K. Bennett
Belt; Boden
Bracelets (in order top to bottom; Thomas Sabo, Annie Haak, Tiffany
Nailpolish; Chanel
PS Huge thank you to Charlie from the Marylebone Electric salon for curling my hair!  I wish I lived just around the corner from him and his team so I could drop by more often.  


  1. Natalie, you look absolutely gorgeous. Love your outfit. Wish I looked like that after a very long day xx

  2. Stunning outfit Natalie! Awesome shoes! Love the fact you got to wear your nan's broach, such a lovely detail to add to your jacket.
    It was really lovely to meet you on Saturday, hope we get to catch up again soon! xx

  3. I love that little brooch and the way it spits into two is so handy. It updates the look of a brooch brilliantly. I do agree that you look pretty perky after a long day. How lovely to do what you do. Did you not sneak one of those bags under your' pac-a-mac on the way out? ( I am a bit in love with orange at the moment ) H xx

  4. It was very hard not to Helen! The lighting was bad, you didn't see the full on look! x

  5. Loved this post Natalie - great to see the shoes/belt/jewellery up close...that's a great idea that I must remember for future posts. Also you've changed the layout of your blog a bit - loving the wider sidebar with your profile pic etc...really professional looking - (if you did this months ago - please forgive me! I've been reading more on the phone lately) xx

  6. Another stunning look & that brooch is just gorgeous! I love how it splits into 2! Ax

  7. Thanks Avril! Yes, I did make some changes last year after going to the Next Bloggers event!
    Thank you Andrea, I need to wear it more often I think x

  8. Natalie you look such a babe - so sophisticated - a gorgeous outfit full of style. xx

  9. Thanks Joanna, it's a normal school run day of jeans and sweater combo today so nice to look back at a stylish outfit! x

  10. love the shoes, i am looking for exactly that style, colour that goes with everything and loads of straps to hold the foot in place to make heel height manageable!


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