Friday, 28 February 2014

The Outfit Post Featuring Bally Switzerland, MiH Jeans, Isabel Marant for H&M & Topshop

Last week I went to see Denise van Outen in her show 'Some Girl I Used To Know' with my girlfriends.  We had a great evening, I thoroughly recommend you see it if she is performing near you.  We all couldn't believe her singing voice and how emotional we felt at the end, I will say no more in case you do get to see it!  Another un-planned outfit but I am learning to live with that little imperfection on the planning side.  I knew I wanted to wear my Bally Switzerland court shoes and fancied a bit more of a trouser jean than my usual pairs but that was it until an hour before I left the house!  I wore my MiH jeans with a slight turn up, they are a dusky dark blue, straight leg jean.  I wanted a bit more glitz so added my Topshop tee.  

I kept jewellery to a minimum as the top is heavily embellished.  I am getting lots of wear from my H&M cuff.  Thank you Isabel Marant!

Goodness I love my shoes.  The Second outing for them, they have stretched slightly already which I knew they would being leather in and out so I'm really glad I went a little smaller and tighter in the size.  

Is anyone else with me on the serious lack on planning their outfits at the moment? Is it the weather do you think?  I am off to London tomorrow and so far I know what coat I'm wearing…..Off for some much needed zee's in the mean time!  Night all x


  1. i've never planned, but that is fairly apparent from my posts! you look beautiful, and i have some serious shoe envy.

  2. you looks gorgeous! I too am lying here wondering what on earth I''m going to wear.

    I always always always plan my outfits. And then always change them when I have them on. Totally a sucker of "sounds so much better in your head than it looks on!"

    Can't wait to catch up xx

  3. Thank you ladies! After the state I left my room in Saturday I think I need to devote more time to planning and trying on the night before! x

  4. You look gorgeous Natalie! Such a fab put together outfit! The show sounds amazing! I need a girls night out! Ax

  5. Well I fully recommend it for a girls night out, it was brilliant!x


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