Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Glamour & Aspinal of London Event (not forgetting the fabulous venue; The Marylebone Hotel)

I was so pleased to be invited to a lovely morning over at The Marylebone Hotel during London Fashion Week to celebrate the launch of Aspinals Marylebone family of handbags and to hear Claudia Mahoney from Glamour magazine and Ella Catliff from La Petite Anglaise talk about 'Street Style'.  Hand crafted British leather, there wasn't much thinking involved in accepting, whatever plans I had were to be moved!  I won't drone on, the pictures speak for themselves. 

(Sorry, my favourite chair, I love it, I look at it every time I am in that hotel and it's in the toilets!  I had to share) 
The 'Mini Marylebone' bags.  A great colour collection - pastel, classics and a pop of colour, £595
My idea of Heaven, being a bit of a 'leather lover' (no comments on that please…!)
Simple, chic, does the job.  iwantone.com, £165
Stylish notebook to match your purse anyone?  Great magnetic closure stops the pages flapping about, £95
Go the full hog, match your keys as well!  £40
The 'genius' bag (IMO), ingredients below,  £995
Innovation meets aspiration in the new Marylebone Tech - the first luxury tote to feature an integral juice pack and cable paths, so you can charge your phone and tablet on the move. An innovative touch making it the perfect choice for the busy 21st Century woman!
My favourite Marylebone tote had to be this beauty with python skin.  I seem to have a radar for the most expensive bags, however I believe it is just damn good taste buds, £1395
Angela Scanlon, Claudia Mahoney & Ella Catliff discussing 'Street Style'
I'm consistent if nothing else with my planning of outfits for events - there is little time to plan!  My waking day is mostly spent thinking about and running after my two girls.  I try every time to down tools and plan but a 2 and 7 year old have other ideas.  I always have a very rough idea, this time I knew I was going to wear my black ankle boots for comfort and weather reasons, the rest was done at 7am before my 8.15am train!  Had I known that I would have been papped and then featured in Aspinals blog then I may have used the 'babysitter TV' and thought about something more colourful the day before.  Hindsight hey!  
Top; Farhi by Nicole Farhi
Wet look jeans: Gap
Boots: Sam Edelman
Bag: Balenciaga
My favourite combination of bracelets at the moment, in order from left to right;
Annie Haak, Marc Jacobs, Tiffany
Mini Marylebone tote trying out my arm; Aspinals (not mine sadly)
The boots, close up as I love those buckles!
The tote seemed to like me, I liked it right back!
Random shot of the day which I couldn't get to focus, this ladies boots which if my memory serves me correctly are by Mulberry.  I tried them on a while back but they didn't work on me.  Love them!
I also met the lovely Ashley from Made In Chelsea.  I admit I don't watch it, it wasn't until after and I saw the tweets that I realised.  She is beautiful and so friendly.
Just in case you were wanting to get ahead of yourself for Mothers Day, after having a little browse online at their website I found this gorgeous notepad £65 down to £19.50.  Don't hang about, it won't be there long at that price.


  1. Looks like an amazing day, I love love love Aspinals!

  2. Sounds like a fab day Natalie & I'm loving your monochrome outfit.
    Jane xx

  3. i've liked Aspinal for a while now, all my really cool friends have a bag and they seem to be quite sensibly priced where others have gone a bit wild (that will be you Mulberry!) I fancie a Barbarella, but haven't found one yet. After a BIG success at the music rooms this week, I have checked out their timetable and Aspinal are coming soon with 80% off!


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