Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Quick Catch Up Featuring Bare Minerals, Gap & Moi!

It's been a busy week and doesn't show any signs of slowing down what with half term!  Anyone else loosing the will to live with their little sproglets already?!?!  I had a rare few hours in a shopping centre all to myself last week, I actually didn't know what to do with myself, no kids, no time limit.  So I set myself a two hour time limit instead!  I popped into Gap to try and find some boyfriend jeans (I'm going to start back on the 'what I need' lists), no luck but I did spy these gorgeous ballet pumps.  All leather, £34.99.  I love the colours, they could literally go with anything.

Next up I have been desperate to try the new Bare Minerals Ready product and the kind ladies at the Debenhams counter gave me some samples to try.  I have used it twice now, I'm not 100% the colour is right so I may go for a shade lighter but as with my starter kit set, it is natural, goes on well (been using some samples of liquid foundation and I'm just not cut out to blend properly!) and quick to apply.  

Apart from that, my trip was brief!  I am trying to be good with 'Frugal February' so I wasn't going to be buying anything I really didn't need.  I even put down a reduced body spray in Hollister as questioned did I need it right now.  The answer being no as I still had over half a bottle left of what I was using.  What is happening to me?!  I'm sure it won't last long.  Here is what I wore to run about in, school run included. 

Jeans: Gap
Sweater: Dorothy Perkins
Gilet: Zara
(Discarded jeans on the changing room floor: Gap)
Handbag: Prada
Boots: Sam Edelman
Scarf: H&M (cashmere)
Furby: Tesco
Lizzie the Cat: Me, the adoptive Mother
PS who else did well on Valentines day?  Look at what my lucky little ladies received from their doting Aunty.  They did better than me (yep, hubby was in the dog house for it!).


  1. Those pumps! OMG I love them, need to go and take a closer, real life look me thinks. Love your outfit too and that bag...swoon x

  2. Your lucky girls! Oh my lord I complete love your bag. Swoon x a million!

  3. Those ballet pumps are gorgeous Natalie & what a lovely idea for your girls from their Auntie, just lovely.
    Jane xx
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  4. just about the PERFECT school run outfit warm, practical, glam all around winner!

  5. Love the gilet and want the bag! Now how come you manage to look good in a fur gilet and I who am not much taller, manage to look like a munchkin Viking? Unfair :)

  6. Ah thank you everyone! The bag is one of my favourites for every day use. It has studs on the bottom to protect it and the leather has worn so well, hardly marked & can even withstand the rain. The gullet is Zara kids Helen! Maybe that's why, it is fairly well fitted. x

  7. Love this outfit on you - you look brilliant. Yes, I'm with you in the half term mania but thank goodness, they're back in the morning! yay! CANNOT wait to see you again on Saturday lovely, Ax

  8. Looking forward to seeing you all too Avril!
    Oh and damn typo/auto correction, mean 'gilet' above of course! x


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