Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Dark Eye's Post (taking a side step from clothes for a moment) & A Contact Lens Saving

One of my Facebook followers posted a desperate plea for help in the eye area.  Let me start by saying I am by no means a beautician/therapist/beauty blogger, but I am a Mummy who does suffer from many sleepless nights and therefore need help 'faking' it for work that day.  Funnily enough Gemma couldn't have asked at a better time.  I recently ran out of my eye gel that I use so have been finishing other products I have, more creamy based ones.  I must say I have noticed a massive difference.  I prefer a gel around the eyes first thing as feel my make-up stays on better and it also wakes my eyes up.   No matter how long I've left the cream to soak in, I've still had make-up leaking in that area throughout the day.  On top of that, (and I will admit, I rarely look in the mirror and think my eyes look dark so something must have been working) I really have noticed my eyes looking puffier, darker and more tired.  Yes, I am tired but nothing I haven't gone through before.  I put it down to not using my gel.  It's not cheap at £29 however, it lasts for ages and it has made a difference, unbeknown to me at the time, only until I stopped using it!

About 3-4 years ago (and I think I may have written a blog about it) I was really struggling with under eye concealers.  On both occasions I went into two different department stores and was told that I had to stop trying to cover up the problem and start treating it…….well!  Armed with a sample of the Clarins gel I never looked back.  I use a cream at night around the eyes (always a eye cream, never just my night cream) as feel this is their time to really hydrate.  When applying I was taught to dab/pat really gently, never rub.  The skin around your eyes is so delicate and rubbing it ages and damages it.  So this is my research Gemma!

I'm not normally that loyal to one brand but Clarins seems to be a winner for me (their hand cream is my number one).  On a separate occasion I also tried their Instant Light for under eye coverage.  I found it lighter than it's rival the cult YSL Touche Eclait but not as light as the Lancome offering.  This now is a firm staple and is replaced as soon as it runs out. 

On a final note about the dark eye area, ultimately diet & health play a huge part.  I know I don't drink enough and definitely don't get enough sleep so I'm not starting well.  The two above products however  have helped me.  There is loads out there to try and unfortunately pennies will be spent in sampling them.  A good counter at a store will give you samples to try.  Devote a little time like I did years ago and you will reap the rewards one day when you find 'the one'.

Whilst we are on the subject of eyes, I was recently introduced to a new contact lense company.  I wear lenses pretty much every day, they are monthly disposables.  This year I have vowed to get my eyes lazered, October is my deadline!  Until then, I needed more lenses.  My last lot cost me around £24 for 3 pairs (I have to have a toric lense in one eye before anyone tells me that is pricey!) so I was pleasantly surprised at Lentiamo's price of £39.48 for 6 months supply.  What I liked equally as much is that I didn't have to wait in or collect them from the post office as I'd missed the delivery.  Their boxes are designed to fit straight through your letterbox.  There is 10% off your first order of over £20, a free phone helpline number and free deliveries over £30.  Just thought I'd share them with you in case any of you are lense wearers like me.  


  1. has 25% off everything until midnight tonight including Clarins. Might be helpful for someone. Lu xx

  2. Oh thank you so much for sharing that Lu! About to tell Gemma the post is live so that may help! X

  3. Oh dear you put me to shame. I use one cream for everything! Maybe I should be paying more attention to the eye area x

  4. You should definitely use a different cream for your eyes Donna, the skin is so delicate round there! (says she who was told off by the beauty counters after moaning to them about my dark circles!!) x

  5. Hi there, i chanced upon your blog when checking out on Lentiamo's legitimacy. How do you find the contact lenses from the site? I'm considering ordering from them. Jess

    1. Absolutely fine Jess. They were the same brand I used before so no different, service etc. great as well.


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