Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Confession

Well Frugal February (no shopping month) doesn't like me very much.  I am holding my hands up, I am seriously sleep deprived (poorly child has finally got some antibiotics), it's been weeks since we've had a full nights sleep and with that comes the need for a few pick me ups.  Sorry to myself!

Although truth be told, I am not that sorry.  The above jumper cost me £5.60 in the Dorothy Perkins sale.  Yep, less than a decent lunch.  It was £16 down to £8 then I had a 30% off code with free nominated delivery (I did share these codes on my Facebook page in case anyone starts shouting at me for not sharing the voucher love).  Unfortunately it is now sold out online, which I secretly do love as it makes my purchase seem that little bit more exclusive to me. 

I'm not going to lie, there are a few other purchases from the week-end trip to see my friend however they mostly (!) consisted of using vouchers and a forgotten about £10 birthday money gift.  They will soon be shared, however I must try and get some sleep or else I fear my head may lead me to some very unforgiving purchases.  Night all! x


  1. £5.60???! Good Lord, I think I need to lie down. Well done you. Hope you get some zzzzzzzs tonight x

  2. Well now, I don't know what to say...I had high hopes for you sticking to #frugalfebruary....how can I do this if everyone's just buying all round them!!!!
    Only kidding - sounds like this was a well deserved reward. Enjoy wearing and like Donna, I hope you get some sleep tonight xx

  3. Natalie for that price it would have been rude not to & I love the detailing on the shoulders. I too may have slipped off the frugal February wagon!!
    Jane xx

  4. What a silly price and you were absolutely RIGHT to grab it whilst you could!

  5. You really couldn't pass it up and on that basis are forgiven! x

  6. You really couldn't pass it up and on that basis are forgiven! x

  7. Phew, thank you for your assurance lol! I did feel guilty if that helps Avril?!?!? x


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