Friday, 7 March 2014

The Bloggers Meet Up (and a little light shopping!)

When I started out at blogging, I pretty much had no idea what I was doing nor where it would go.  I had no preconceptions.  Roll on 3.5 years and although it's not as frequent as I would like, I seem to have made my blogging a part of my life.  More than that really, it's lead to meeting some really lovely friends.  Last year I met up with a group of ladies who also blogged and had welcomed me to their Facebook group, the same happened again this year along with some welcome new additions.  The venue remained the same, The Mayfair Pizza Company, right in the heart of the West End.  Not only are they all a bunch of totally stylish ladies in their own right, but I love how diverse the group is and the knowledge that's bought and shared to the table.  Last week was pretty much just about a damn good chit chat but on a daily basis we all try to help each other out with blogging (ok and sometimes random!) problems.  How lovely is that?

From L to R around the table; Helen, Donna, Kat, Avril, Fiona, Joanna, Sue
From L to R; Marlene, Michelle, Helen, Donna
Apologies to Frances who I didn't manage to capture in my only two shots of the day!  All the ladies blogs are linked to their names, my favourites reads so go and have a look.  As always I was rushing around and had a brief outline of my boots and coat but not the rest of the outfit planned!  I wore my comfy black wet look Gap jeans and a orange Boden top which for some reason I didn't feel comfortable in that day.  Maybe I just needed a bit of a tan!  The following two pictures were taken by the uber talented Marlene with her fabulous camera (featured above!).  She very kindly snapped away at us for the day.  I'm not a natural in front of the camera and like most women, spend time picking out my flaws when I see the photos.  Marlene has written an amazing, inspiring post about just that.  Have a read here, thank you Marlene for the wake up call.  You rock, simples.

Coat; Zara
Bag; Chanel
Boots; Sam Edelman
Whilst I was meeting up with her I asked Sue if she would bringing with her one of her fabulous bracelets that she hand makes over at Susie Ho.  She makes them to order, so the size can be made for you and she even gave me the option to pick gold or silver fastenings.  They make fabulous gifts, especially if you want to send something in the post as they are perfect for the letter box in their little gift bags.  Mine comes in a few other colour ways and was £4.  

I couldn't go into London without a tiny little browse around the shops.  I have read so much about Uniqlo's 'HeatTech' under garments and what with permanently feeling the cold, I decided it was time I tried one out.  I am not ashamed to admit I wear a vest pretty much every day now, I am always cold.  However they are just thin cotton ones, nothing thermal.  This cream tee-shirt was £9.90 and I can report it really does make a difference.  They are long in the body and fit true to size.  There were long sleeved versions too.  So if you need that extra layer, I fully recommend.  I am yet to try Primarks version which I hear is also very good but I wanted to try Uniqlo's first as they were the one's that I've heard so much about.

The blurb, sounds pretty impressive doesn't it?
To finish with, a debate I am constantly having with myself and also with my husband.  Investment virsus cheap thrill.  I found this jumper in Uniqlo for £5, yes £5 and its 60% wool.  I grabbed it without hesitation.  Wore it the next day (and the day after that...) but there is already some bobbling going on.  I got the 'I told you so' look from him but then came a bit of a challenge which I am not sure I am ready to take up.  "Instead of spending £10-£15 here there, why don't you not.  Save up for one really good quality piece once a month."  Mmmm.  Well quite frankly he has a point.  However like most, I want it all.  I want a cheap, quick thrill of a bargain and some key investment pieces in my wardrobe. I also want to believe that one of these cheap thrills will actually stand the test of time quality and style wise.  I can't help but think about it though and that if I turned down everything I was going to buy for a month and put the money away then bought one really decent thing, would my wardrobe be better for it?  Quite possibly.  But where's the fun in that?!?  And who else is with me that when you have the pennies to spend, you can't actually find anything?

The bargain jumper over my Topshop shirt
Then layered with my Zara gilet for more warmth (HeatTech underneath so I was proper warm!)


  1. Love your photo that Marlene took, u look flawless Natalie! Once again I have to say I'm disappointed not to have been able to make it, but I'll not be missing the next one. Your hubs has a point, but like you sometime ps I just want quantity over quality!

  2. Fab post Natalie! It was so lovely to meet you.....we had such a great laugh having our photos taken! You look amazing in your pictures, love the one where you are looking down, just gorgeous!

    Some fab purchases there too! Great sweater for a fiver! I'd have snapped it up too! xx

  3. You look beautiful Natalie. I love your outfit. It looks like you all had such a wonderful day. I hope I can come along next time. Love Liz xxx

  4. It was lovely to meet you Michelle and I really liked you in the Boden top but you know that a,ready.

    It made me laugh how you're buying thermals and everyone else sandals!! At least you'll be prepared for next winter.

    Absolutely adore your photo xx

  5. That first photo of you is absolutely stunning.The second photo is only a little stunning ;o) And like Marlene has mentioned elsewhere - you are "radiant" in it.

    And I loved your coat - I wish I was brave enough to embrace patterns like this but whenever I try, I feel very un-me. But looking at you in yours makes we want to try again.

    It was a great day - we have to hook up some more days like that - shame we all live so far apart and the logistics of getting us all together in one place is so difficult.

    And thank you for the lovely mention of the jewellery - it's really appreciated.

  6. Forgot to say - the £5 jumper - is that the one with Alpaca in it? Alpaca bobbles like crazy! So I've found out with my Mango outlet one. I have to give it a defuzz every now and then.

  7. You look beautiful. I have test driven the Uniqlo heat tech long sleeved vests and they work a treat (skiing) I love the price. I bought a new ski jacket, this time, and pondered the underwear at Snow and Rock but at £60.00 for a vest they could rock on! H x

  8. Great write up - I love reading how we all just had such a good day!

    I love the shirt/jumper/gilet look - going to steal that style for another day!

  9. I love a bargain and my tastes change like the wind - so I don't really mind if something is cheaper and doesn't last that long as I am always onto the next thing!! It might be different if I were a 'classic' dresser but I do like a bit of fashion and I think these cheap things last just about as long as I want them too! Mel x

  10. I'm all about the bargain! I think when your kids are small that's the way it rolls both because you don't have the same spare cash AND because kids wreck your clothes! I can see the investment thing kicking in as I get older...but I'll never turn down a bargain either! SO lovely to meet that day again and to have an hour in the shops together. Hope to see you when I'm over again with the family in July xx

  11. You have a point Mel; 'last as long as I want them too', I think I just always have expected a lot for my pennies and probably always air on the side of a more classic dresser. Needless to say the other 'fiver' jumper I blogged about recently (the grey Dotty P sweater one) has bobbled so much in 2 washes it is going back as faulty! You really do get what you pay for! Oh & yes Sue, it does have Alpaca and I know how much it bobbles I was away with the fairies (after a few Martini's...!) and fell for the shape and fit. Lesson learnt, got burnt! x


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