Monday, 10 March 2014

Some Ugg Love At Bicester Village

Don't read the title and stop there, it's not of the boot variety!  I do love my Ugg's, despite the fact they look ugly on my feet.  There is a place for throwing them on and feeling snug in my life but they aren't anything nice to look at in my opinion (I did used to believe they were back in the day when they were originally released).  Comfort though.  Now that's a different story altogether.  Following on from my last post about my daily vests (this is a style/fashion/shopping blog, honest) and how I'm always cold, my feet are no exception.  I wear bed socks pretty much throughout the whole year.

My sister was visiting last week so dragged me along to Bicester Village for a mooch.  It was hard going.  For anyone in a similar situation to me on the cold and comfort front, have a look at these.  All sheepskin lined and so so comfortable.  Had I not spent my pennies elsewhere, these I would have invested in. 

£110 down to £88
A slipper inside a shoe!
£90 down to £63
As these aren't suede they look a little less slipper like
I want the gold!
£95 down to £64
The animal print (above, right) is probably my favourite of them all.  More of a shoe than a ballet pump, I think these would look great with a rolled up jean.  Has anyone branched from an Ugg boot to a shoe, are they as comfy or is it purely that the boot encases your whole foot of fluffy warmth that's the magic?  


  1. I've not moved on to the shoes yet - though the fleecy inners are a major selling point. We do actually have an Ugg shop in Leeds which opened this year and I've been in a couple of times - they are certainly "spreading" out in terms of designs and styles.

    And I did go out in ballerinas early on today but by 4pm when I had to go and do a stint in the park, it was back to my old hugely unfashionable Uggs - they have their place in a mum's world.

    Last thing. I have to say, my Grumps loves his Ugg slippers that I got him for Crimbo.

  2. I clearly haven't been paying attention as I didn't know that Uggs now did shoes. I would wonder about the ballet flats though. Surely when the weather is warm enough for bare ankles, your feet would get too hot encased in all that sheepskin?

  3. Loving those ugg animal print shoes, how cosy would they be?! Love them! X

  4. Helen, sheepskin keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold, super amazing wool!x

  5. Oh my! I would love a pair of these & so would my feet! How amazing are those gold ones?! Ax


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