Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The High Street Edit featuring H&M, Warehouse & Mint Velvet

I was working with a client last week on a shopping trip and as always, I get there a little earlier to have some time to browse around.  In 3 hours, we did 3 shops.  Yep, 3 shops only.  I like to do them well!  She did however spend her budget and came away very happy and eager to spend more.  We spent time in House of Fraser, New Look and H&M.  We fitted her in the most amazing pair of skinny jeans from New Look for £22.99.  Well done New Look, great cut, finish and the right amount of stretch.  They have a great selection so do take the time to have a look.

I then had to go back into town the next day to have a little trying on session for myself!  The main items that caught my eye to try were in H&M.  Sadly (but happily for my bank balance) they weren't right for me but might just be for you!

£24.99 bought, returned!  Wanted to replace a holed, much loved cream top I have.  I wanted to feel as fabulous in it as my other top (not a H&M one) but it didn't hit the mark for me.
Loved this on the hanger, so wanted to love it on.  Just not the right shape on me, but the print was great.
Had my eye on this denim number for a while.  Great, on trend shape but the fabric was so fine that you could see the pockets through it as below.  (yes, I was being lazy, jeans are still half on!)
Too many lumps & bumps going on, such a shame.
A great dress, just too long on me.  Nice light fabric for the warmer weather.
I have a thing about quilted bomber style jackets at the moment. Had they had my size, it probably would have been purchased (and quite possibly returned!)
I bought this dress in cream whilst I was working in London last year and they have now brought it out £10 cheaper (£29.99) in floral and a thinner material. I liked the thick fabric before but with this print they've done a good job.
Bikini shopping is right up there with my hated bra shopping.  However I fell in love with this print.  It's still sat in the bag upstairs awaiting a decision though!
Ending H&M on their most positive of collections.......
If you are looking for a fitted, slimming dress for work, give Warehouse a look.  I think this is a great classic with those slimming black side panels, defining/working in a waist.

For more panelling Mint Velvet had this gorgeous top.  Probably one of my favourite pieces of their current collection.  The fabric felt weighty enough to show quality but still great for warmer weather.

How gorgeous is this jacket, also from Mint Velvet (seen in House of Fraser).  Seriously in love with this.  I can see it working so well with any wardrobe staples such as jeans, skirts, over dresses.


Over to what I wore that day.  I am at my most comfiest in jeans so my black wet look Gap's were worn, teamed with some colourful cashmere from M&S and jewels from New Look.  Boots by Sam Edelman.

Trusted Zara fur gilet thrown on for good measure!

Where have you been shopping on the High Street recently that's given you inspiration?


  1. What a shame the striped dress was the wrong length - it was beyond perfect in every other way on you.

    I'm so pleased to see I'm not the only one who just pulls down their jeans to try things on!


  2. Ooh lots of lovely pieces to tempt me Natalie, I especially like the first H&M jacket, such a shame you weren't happy with the fit as it's gorgeous.
    Jane xx

  3. Love that striped dress on you, just a pity it was long!! Love those wet look jeans, I can't get a comfy pair, I always feel so restricted in them!

  4. You look amazing in the striped dress....what a shame it wasn't right for you!
    The cream blouse is gorgeous and I must admit the jacket you tried on stopped me in my tracks in the store too but felt exactly the same as you, it just wasn't as good on!
    Sharron, Style at Every Age has just given the heads up that there is a voucher for H&M in this months Glamour magazine so I shall have to go back to H&M in search of the cream blouse xx

  5. Adore your fur gilet over the blue! Is the gilet current? I love your striped dress too. My fav high street shop atm is river island! Could buy everything, if only! X

  6. Well I love both the H&M dresses on you and you are officially taller than me as the blue tencel one is shorter on you that it was on me. But I didn't have the problem with the lumpy bumpiness - mine kind of skimmed. But I love the stripy one on you more - can you not get it taken up a fraction - I think it would be a shame not to have that in your wardrobe.

  7. I think the jury says you need to go back for the stripe dress, it looks gorgeous and length doesn't look wrong at all. Get it taken up if you must! x

  8. I just had to throw in my ha'pence worth to say that I thought the striped dress was gorgeous also. And as Sharron said, you can always have it taken up? Great post ... I'm so lazy sometimes that it's great when someone else does the legwork around the shops for me!!!

  9. totally agree about striped dress, it was beautiful on you. I haven't been to the high street, but have been to Bicester a couple of times this week and I was shocked at the prices! So much higher than usual, may as well just shop at the designer shop the first time around. Who thinks 20% off last year's full price is a good deal for you old stock?!

  10. The fur gilet as last year, around October/November time and was bought online from Zara's kids department!
    Ok ok, I hear you all. I need to go back & re-look at that dress. It was very fine so I'm not sure taking it up would work as don't think it would fall right but maybe I'll loose the jeans around my ankles, stand on tip toes and try again! Will let you all know! x

  11. The MV jacket is gorgeous & would be perfect for the really warm Spring days! The zips give it some edge whilst it still has a girly vibe to it! I love it! Ax


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