Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Gap & Red Event & Some Sparkly Shoes

After waiting a whole extra month (thank you London transport for striking at the wrong time) I finally made it to Red magazines evening with Gap.  Gap has a new creative director Rebekka Bay, previously from Cos and this was her first collection since joining. 

So first up, what to wear.  Yep, it was a last minute job with a few unexpected extra's thrown in to really make me work hard to get there but thanks to a great mate who happens to also be fab with my kids, my childcare dilemma's were sorted swiftly.  I am definitely very much a dresser based on mood, I need to feel it at that moment in time.  I had wanted to wear something bright but I just couldn't so after lining up some of my favourite tops, The Kooples on the right won.  It's navy with black lace, comfortable, forgiving in the tummy area and stylish.  

The below however is what my husband came home to find.  SORRY!  He knew it was no mean feet to get there so he tidied it all up for me and made no comment.  I am grateful for his patience with me at times like this!

With half an hour to spare before it started, I dragged my friend to Selfridges to have a play.  She was mortified that I try on expensive handbags and shoes then walk away.  What's wrong with that?! In my dreams one day I would love to walk in and pay full price for high end items, until then though, I am content with trying them on and dreaming, then finding them cheaper elsewhere (best ever charity shop find post coming soon).  

I give you, Mr Christian Louboutin.  Just to sparkly for words and the camera!

The best outfit shot you will get from that night, I was to distracted!
Jeans; Gap
Top; The Kooples
Leather jacket; Miss Selfridge
Ballet Pumps; French Sole (changed into my Bally Switzerland courts for the event!)
Bag; Balenciaga
More sparkles over at Gina.  My only regret on my wedding day was not splashing out on the silver Gina sling back shoes I had fallen in love with.  I couldn't justify the price at the time.  8.5 years later and I still think about them and how many more wears I would have had out of them.

Over at Gap we were suitably welcomed with Champagne and canap├ęs whilst we awaited the talks to start.

Fiona Collins from Gap started off the evening (check out her amazing heels, I should have zoomed in!) followed on by Red's fashion & shopping editor Laura Fantacci.  Laura put together some great staple looks, my favourite featuring the denim shirt.

Probably the shoe of the moment right now, the skater shoe.  Move over bright colourful trainer, the skater is in town.

I was pretty slack on the photo front, I was to busy rummaging around and playing dress up.  Luckily that day Gap's 30% off had arrived so armed with my voucher I decided to not get carried away and only buy what I needed.  I loved this print below, £24.95.  It made a nice change from Gap's staple stripe prints even though I am still a fan of their stripes, if it ain't broke and all that.  However I feel I have bought a few sweaters recently so I wasn't really in need of any more.

So I ended up with some jeans.  Those who know me, know they are my favourite bottoms to wear, I am a jeans girl and a 'skinny jeans' style girl at that.  I have tried on various other styles but the fit never seems to work. Until that day in Gap. Emily Gegg from Gap had on an amazing pair and after we chatted about how she also had been into skinnies but these made her change, I tried on their 'straight leg' style.  I wanted a lighter pair for Summer and these were perfect.  I paid £31.46 and have worn them so much already.  They have lightened up my wardrobe, although the sun has helped as well!  They are not a boyfriend fit but are looser than a skinny, the perfect in-between style.  They do come up large so you may need to go down a inch in the waist.   

worn with my Converse and Zoe Karssen sweater
So the moral of the story is, for all the ladies who I work with and those on email, even when you do think you've found the perfect style jean, it's always worth trying another style again.  You never know what you may find, even I have moved into a new jean era! 


  1. Very interesting, I wouldn't look twice at those jeans until now and I am interested, what is the style called Nat and is there still a discount floating around?

  2. I had been thinking about maybe trying a different style jean, and you've convinced me that it's a good idea. And OMG LOVE those sparkly shoes!!!

  3. The discount has ended I'm afraid Sharon but keep an eye as they always have offers. They are the 'Real Straight' style.
    Always worth a try Helen, really recommend these as well. I love the lighter colour. x

  4. Fab post, those Gina shoes are delicious! Was so lovely to see you at the event will definitely give you a shout next time I go to anything so we can catch up xx

  5. What a fab event to go to! It looks amazing! I would of been trying on the shoes with you thats for sure! Ax


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