Friday, 24 January 2014

My London Day Out

Last Sunday my husband and I had a rare day out together in London (love my kids but, wooohoooo, no kids for the day!).  Three years ago for my 30th birthday he had booked a restaurant but I was so poorly and spent the day in bed.  Finally, he re-booked it, organised his parents to look after the girls all day and off we went!  I had a plan, I am all about the plans.  I wanted to start off in Primrose Hill as I had never been there before and as we were driving and out early, parking shouldn't be a problem (free on single yellows on a Sunday, unless a restricted zone).  The views from the top of the hill were amazing.  It was cold and damp but still took our breath away, imagine a Summers day?!  You could see St Pauls, The Shard, The London Eye.  I would have got some better shots if it wasn't for the huge group of tourists up there (we power walked down the hill to get in front of them….!).

Scarf; Alexander McQueen
Coat; French Connection
Wet look black jeans; Gap
Bag; Chanel
The High Street itself is tiny but full of boutique shops with of course a few quirky ones.  Booties for your dog anyone?!

I was also very happy to stumble across one of the Mary Portas 'Living & Giving' shops.  They are charity shops but boy are they worth a rummage.  Think Helmut Lang, Gucci….more on my beautiful purchase in my next post.  There are a few dotted round, follow this link to see.

(Picture taken before it opened at 12!)
Next stop was Selfridges as it had been a while since we had last visited.  We were so lucky that day and managed to get a space right outside the side entrance.  Nothing like being able to park that close, leave your coats in the car and just pop in to Selfridges!  I love the openness in Selfridges.  It always feels like such a light and bright store.  I headed to see Mrs Beckham's latest drop!

Pure vibrant colour from Vitoria Beckham
Sparkles from Stuart Weitzman
And some more!
Turquoise in Louboutin (check out the bag - wow!)
Wedges, gladiator sandals, brogues and pumps from Balenciaga
Hello Chanel!  Note that knotted heel
More turquoise and bright colours in Chanel
There would have been a time many years ago when I wouldn't have dared go into a designer shop as 1. I didn't see the point as couldn't afford anything and 2. I was way too sacred!  Age and pure love of quality and brands has changed that.  There is nothing wrong with a little light play.  Que Chanel in Selfridges.  I even asked the lady to write the style as one day, one day……Natalie's Chanel (green) meet Natalie's dream Chanel (black).  Stunning.  (Please note, current Chanel was a very lucky charity shop find for about 30% of it's price, was being looked down on that day.  I don't own an array of Chanel's, it was a special day that my one came out for a trip).

Tee; H&M
Cashmere cardigan; Boden
Black suede boots; Topshop Adios
Jeans & bag as previous
Just a large shoe in their window!
Next stop was a quick dash to Harrods.  Their sale was still on and I just couldn't not go and have a peak.  Only outside Harrods would you find a felt covered Ferrari.  Yes, honestly, you could stroke it!

Then finally, my belated (3 years, but there was a baby in that time as well!) 30th birthday meal with my husband.  I had never heard of it before but he had booked us into Barbecoa, a Jamie Oliver restaurant.  It is right by St Paul's and you can even see if from your table.

If you are anywhere near that side of town, I hugely recommend it.  You have to book as it gets busy but it's worth it.  All the kitchens are open for you to see them cook and downstairs is his very own butchery.  

The BEST pork scratchings I have ever had.  I am dreaming of them and would make the trip back purely for these alone.  Divine. 
Words can't express this salad.  Even my husband said it was the nicest of everything we tried that night.  Honey, almonds, prosciutto, clementines, mozzarella, balsamic = delicious. 
The baby back spare ribs.  Yum.
I didn't buy lots but I had such a great day.  I love driving around London, you get to see so much more of the beautiful city.  I'm in again next week but on the train this time so I won't be sharing any more scenic pictures!


  1. Looks like my dream day Natalie. Love the pics, the outfits but that food is making me soooo hungry! X

  2. Oooh, I have " day out" envy. What a perfect day. I love the blush and black Chanel. Fab photos and that meal looked amazing xxx

  3. What a gorgeous day you had and the Chanel rightly deserved an outing. Now much as I loved the pics of the shopping - the pics of the food wins hands down this time. Far too scrummy for words.

  4. Sounds like a really memorable day. Those pork scratchings look heavenly!


  5. Sounds like you had an amazing day Natalie and that food looks so scrummy!

  6. Oh that sounds like such a perfect day! I love your Chanel bag, the colour is fab. The views from Primrose Hill are stunning. Happy belated Birthday- and thanks for sharing the day. xx

  7. Well ladies, it's all a bout the food then the Chanel - probably the correct order of priorities to be fair lol! x

  8. This looks and sounds like the most perfect day. Always up for a stroll around Selfridges and Harrods. Also, the restaurant looks absolutely incredible. Not a fan of pork scratchings but I'd be willing to give those bad boys a try. xx

  9. Oh wow Natalie! What an amazing day out! Your Hubby is a total Darl & its wonderful he takes you to do things that you want & like to do! I'm making my Hubby read this post right now! Happy Belated Birthday! <3 Ax


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