Monday, 27 January 2014

The Purchases; Jack Wills, The Kooples & Topshop

I promised on my last blog to share my latest purchases so here goes.  First up, the gorgeous belt I found in the Mary Portas Living & Giving shop.  It is by Comptoir Des Cotonniers and was £15, brand new still with the tags on!  The leather is gorgeous and so soft.  I would probably wear it more with a dress or a shorter jumper but you get the idea below.

Now my extravagant purchase.  I sacrificed the 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' DVD's for this (I love that my husband thought I'd like the complete series as a present but it's on repeat so much and for re-runs, Sex & The City wins hands down).  Lace is one of my favourites and have a few very old tops  that are now showing signs of wear.  The silk on this was amazing and the lace seemed so well made.  I have never purchased from The Kooples before so it's a tad risky to spend this amount but I don't believe it should let me down.  £135 down to £65 in Selfridges.  

Back to my kind of price range, I am loving wearing sweaters at the moment and this was a steal for £17.10.  It was originally £49 by Jack Wills.  It's a great navy colour and the stars just give it some more character.

I've fallen back in love with Topshop this last 12 months.  I felt they went a little high fashion and forgot about us novices but they seem to be getting the balance back.  I have a black blazer which is more 'office' and a very very old navy New Look one which credit where it's due, has worn so well.  When I saw this I loved that it was slightly longer and has a flick of sparkle through it.  £100 down to £30, 70% off - wow!

(not worn yet, nor would I wear with what I had on, but you get the idea of the great cut of it)

Also in the Topshop online sale was this top.  Pre Christmas I had a massive wardrobe clear out, a lot went and there are now gaps galore.  I thought that this simple shaped black tee could work in my wardrobe really well.  The beading detail is fantastic and as with the The Kooples top above, I wear my detail up high on my body, where I need to add some bulk so to speak!  £36 down to £20.

I saw this 100% wool hat in H&M.  I thought it didn't look to bad considering it's not my normal style of hats.  However my 7 year old told me I look like a cowboy/girl and my husband called it ridiculous.  Mmmmmm does it really look that daft?  (I was feeling brave in putting it out there for you all to comment, go easy!).

PS probably very slow to the table but who knew Essie was now in Boots??!!  Excellent for the spare advantage card points!

Who else has been picking up some great end of sale bargains?  I am glad the sales are coming to an end, there is to much temptation for me and holiday savings need topping up.  I am still contemplating joining Avril over at School Gate Style for her Frugal February month.  No shopping for February, mmmmmmmm.


  1. Love these purchases! Thanks to you I've now caught the 'I need to go shopping bug'.

  2. Wow, yo did well. The hat looks fantastic and I adore the Jack Wills jumper. I have no will power so Frugal Feb won't be happening here but I'm going to try to cut down just not eliminate x

  3. You have bought some lovely things Natalie, I adore The Krooples top. You really should have bought that hat! For anybody who has the confidence to wear one, it really takes your style factor up a couple of notches in my opinion and really does suit you. Never listen to husbands what the hell do they know? Most men get dressed by their wives or they would look a complete mess, so what gives them the right to comment? Unfair perhaps but true! x

  4. LOVE your designer top - that's gorgeous!

    I'm also with you in falling back in love with TopShop - they are on fire at the moment with all they have to offer.


  5. Wow you've made some amazing purchases in the sales Natalie. I especially love your new Topshop blazer just stunning. Jane xx

  6. I'm really interested to see your The Kooples top (such a strange name!) I had never heard of the label before this week when I was browsing in a department store. How is the fit?

  7. The Kooples top is planned for a debut next week Niamh! I will of course share a photo on here. It's really good fit wise & true to size.
    I probably should point out my hubby's not an ar*e honest! I possibly made him sound a little mean but we have a very honest friendship and he isn't harsh the way it sounded! However, thank you for your support, I may just purchase it. To be honest, it's more the 7 year olds opinion that matters, she always seems to get it right for some reason?!?!?
    PS, Tara, my shopping bug needs to end!!!!

  8. Gosh you did really well in the sale. I got a few things but no where near as good as this. Love the topshop black embellished top and your Jack Wills Jumper. very pretty.


  9. I love them all! The blazer & embellished top are just gorgeous & the belt is stunning! Ax

  10. I just need to find a appropriate event to wear them all to now! The school run doesn't really warrant a blazer at the moment! The JW jumper has had plenty of wear already though x


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