Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Isabel Marant Dicker Boot Alternative

I'm still on the hunt for some more ankle boots.  I have some black suede Topshop ones that I live in as they are the perfect heel height.  However I've been after either a leather pair (for more every day wear than suede) and/or a lighter coloured pair for a more casual look.  Main criteria being they are walkable for hours!  I found the below (not the most flattering shot) in M&S but they were just to big (in the sale and at £39 they've flown off the shelves but am after a 3.5 just in case anyone finds any lurking in their store, thanks!).  

I spent last Sunday in London (more to follow in another post!) and of course checked out the Marble Arch M&S just in case.  It's a huge store with loads more in than my local one.  I saw some gorgeous suede boots but trying to think of my 'needs' I didn't look further into them due to being suede.  Until I popped to Selfridges that is and saw the Isabel Marant Dicker boot in navy.  Yum.  At £360 they are just ever so slightly out of my affordable budget but they got me thinking about what I saw in M&S. Further research on line showed other colours in their suede boot and at £59, just under one sixth (sorry, I do love my math!) of the designer boot, they may just be worth a go.
The designer boot

M&S's boot, ok so it's lighter in colour but so similar in every other way

Ticking my leather and tan boxes, but I am a sucker for suede!
The real deal

M&S's version in grey (although they did look navy in store!)

And the 'nearly' boots also at £59 from M&S which I'm now feeling are a little chunkier than I would like
So do I forget the practicality and go sand suede, or maybe give the tan leather pretend 'dicker' a try?  M&S, please can you just throw me a 20% off all footwear week-end please?  You know how I don't like to pay full price for anything!


  1. I love the sand suede ones Natalie, as they'd be a gorgeous colour to wear going into spring and summer. I'd also love to get a nice navy suede pair too but at a fraction of the price of the Isabel Marants....the search for me continues! Jane xx

  2. The M&S ones look great, I'm tempted by the grey! Check out Jones, I saw a dead ringer in the sale instore for £49 in the sand colour x

  3. Ohhhh well done Natalie, some brilliant finds here. I'm on the look out for sand or tan next. Will check these out. Donna x

  4. I love the leather tan ones - good find!

  5. The M&S suede ones are lovely. A very good alternative the the "real" ones xxx

  6. Ended up ordering some Zara ones in the sale but now regretting it as they are nothing like the above, oops! Oh well, they can be returned! The more I think the more I want the sand suede ones! x

  7. There is 20% off online today at M&S! I never pay full price and have just made a sneaky purchase.


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