Friday, 13 December 2013

The Purchases; Snake, Cashmere and Christmas Jumpers (& The Research!)

I was set a challenge by my friend who wanted to buy me a nice Christmas jumper for around £20. Now for my loyal readers, you will know that acrylic does not sit well with me and that is what most Christmas jumpers are made from (ok, there are some ridiculously gorgeous cashmere ones but they were £100+).  Honestly, I searched and searched the web for two days.  A lot were sold out in my size but a lot I feared would be cheap and tacky and yes I know that is kind of the point, but the challenge was 'nice'.  I dashed around Tesco yesterday and grabbed one but not one to make it easy on myself I decided to hit my local shops today to see if there was anything better.  Fabric composition wise, it seems not. Tesco - thank you!  Here are some of my favourites from today though.

River Island £38
New Look £25 (then a further 25% off today)
This one came a close second
Next £32
And the winner………Yes it could be a little more colourful and a little more Christmassy but it had to be 'nice' and in budget.  It is 60% cotton and 40% polyester so it feels nice to wear and hopefully won't bobble after a few washes like acrylic does.

Tesco F&F £20
Some bling
Not one to walk past a sale rail thankfully as this time the cashmere was on it.  Better still, I always save my Tesco vouchers so doubled up.  Originally this jumper was £48, down to £30.  I doubled up one of my £15 vouchers (for those who don't know about the Tesco voucher scheme, where have you been?) so this jumper was free!  A cashmere jumper for free.  

I love cashmere!
Lastly, a jumper I did actually pay for this time.  Gap had 30% off when I was in Oxford last week (missed the 50% last week-end, no local Gap, boooo).  I love my animal print and recently have been looking at sweaters.  This was £25 down to £17.50 so not as good as my free cashmere above but I've worn it loads already and there comes a time when I do have to get my purse out and spend my own money.

Husband hates it, what does he know….
Today I wore my La Redoute grey jumper with my Baxter skinnies.  I love it as it's plain and simple for every day wear but has a point of difference with the stitching detail at the top and bow at the back.  It's 100% cotton and currently on sale for £20.30, just follow the link (for slightly better pictures!).

Just in case you were worried I was a little late to join the Christmas clothing band wagon, fear not, my Moschino scarf is out and being worn every day.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Free cashmere, I need to start shopping at Tesco!

  2. Fab Christmas jumpers! I do like the RI one but you choose so well & was within budget! I love the snakeskin one too! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas?! Ax


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