Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Marks & Spencer Challenge

And what a challenge!  Sending the husband to buy me lingerie armed with a gift card (thank you Marks & Spencer) to see what would happen!  It's well documented that men don't get it right when it comes to buying us women lingerie so this was an interesting project to work on.  After nearly 14 years together, it's not an option I would put on my Christmas list for him to buy.  I buy functional, semi pretty underwear when needs be.  It was very hard for me not to tell him exactly what I wanted!  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  He said he wouldn't dare buy me a bra as knows he would pick something pretty where as I mainly wear plain bras (am I sharing a little too much here?!?).  First tick!  So he decided to pick some really pretty knickers instead with the idea that I may like them so much I would go and buy the matching bra.  A kind of tick, I like his thinking in trying to push me outside my comfort zone!  He went for the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley silk floral knickers as below.  At £12.50 they are definitely not something I would purchase myself so it was nice to get something a little bit more special than my normal underwear.

Rosie's pants!  £12.50
That was about as brave as he said he dared go!  I love Marks and Spencer pants (and there is no 'sponsored post' in that remark, promise).  I swear by their 'No VPL' range for functionality, fabric, price and fit.  I obviously have harped on about them a little to much as he picked me some, the far left pair below.  Added in to the 3 for £10 he chose some pink (I never wear pink, but will be now!) and anything cotton pair.  Second tick, my favourite knickers along with some new ones to try and some colour as well.

The last part of the present, some new Christmassy PJ's!  Snuggly and fleece, I love them!  Final tick Neil, thank goodness, I was so worried you were going to come home with something completely wrong.

Fleece PJ's £25
If sizes were available he said he would have bought one of the following.  The silk set by Rosie is gorgeous, I would definitely have loved this.  

£29.50 camisole, £25 shorts
The onesie looks fab!  I think I actually like this the most (oh dear!).  He knows I love an animal print so he got that 100% right.  I am pretty pleased with the results.  He hasn't bought me anything I won't be wearing and there's also something more luxurious to try, making it a gift rather than just functional knickers.  

So some tips for you men.  Raid the underwear drawer and make sure you get the sizes right.  Be realistic, don't waste money on pretty items that your partner really won't wear as they are just not them.    Try a balance of something different (like a new style knickers) to try but add in something you know she will love and wear.  Lastly, get a gift receipt!

On a last note he said that had my opinion had no influence on what he was choosing he would definitely have gone for a matching bra and pant set from Rosie.  Unfortunately he knows me far too well and it would have been returned!

There is still plenty to chose from so take a peak at their lingerie section for more gift idea's and ladies, share this blog post with the men in your life so that they can't go horribly wrong!


  1. Wow your hubby did well Natalie. I have to admit to being an M&S undie kind of girl too - they always have a great selection & your know the quality is going to be good too. xx

  2. I adore the Rosie collection, I got some pyjamas for my birthday yesterday and also treated myself to some new nightwear when they had 20% off the other week x

  3. I don't really look anywhere else now Jane, if it ain't broke and all that!
    Belated birthday wishes Sharon! I would love some silk pi's, they look so luxurious x

  4. I think he did quite well actually. All very wearable and what a wise man he was to stay away from the bras. I don't think my other half would have done quite as well with such a challenge.

  5. I think your hubby deserves a serious pat on the back! Excellent job. Like Sue, I'm not so sure that my OH would have done such a good job

  6. Ah thanks ladies, I will be sure to pass on your comments and pat his back he he! x

  7. Wow! He did really well. I love the first pair of knickers. My husband is quite good at buying lingerie for me now, but it's obviously for his own benefit!! xxx

  8. My Hubby took part too & it was such a relief discovering that he actually does know me & pays attention after all! Your Hubby did good! Ax


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