Monday, 9 December 2013

The Dream Purchase: Manolo's (& An Outfit: Mango Dress)

Whilst in Dublin visiting my sister the other week, I had some child free shopping time (bliss, if only everything wasn't more expensive).  We popped into Brown Thomas, if you haven't heard of this department store, think high end brands and you get the picture.  I love it when you can be up close and personal with brands you wouldn't normally see and even more so when you can try them on.  Que a pair of Manolo Blahnik's.  Not just any Manolo's, but the one's Carrie bought in the first Sex & The City movie and Mr Big used as the 'engagement ring' (sorry, I get a little carried away with S&TC!).   Wow wow wow.  They didn't have Carrie's blue out so I tried the classic black.  How sparkly were those gems?  So not normally my cup of tea (I'm a PR companies dream, Carrie completely sold them to me) but if I was pushed, I'd make them work for me…….

Hangisi Satin Pumps £600+
Carrie and Mr Big with her pair of Manolo's
And to make me want them even more, Miss Olivia Palermo in hers
And back to reality.  A meeting in Oxford last week called for a dress so my Mango one got an outing worthy of it (school runs with biker boots previously).  Please excuse the fuzzy picture, it was the best of about 20 taken by my 6 year old, but you get the idea.  I didn't realise until trying to take a closer photo that the back drapes down slightly longer than the front hem, it's subtle.  The green isn't as dull as it appears.  I'm so pleased with my impulsive purchase, it lends itself to many different an occasion, changed easily with shoes.  

Dress: Mango
Tights: M&S
Boots; Topshop
A slightly better picture to show the colour
So who's with me on the shoes?!?


  1. It's a lovely shape on you and one of my favourite dress shapes.

    And the shoes - lovely but ouch. Definitely car to bar!

  2. Yep. I'm with you on the shoes!! They are stunning. I love your dress too. You always look so elegant xxx

  3. Ah thanks Sue. It's so easy to wear, I love it.
    And thank you Liz - I really wish I was but I hold my hands up to only sharing the outfits worth sharing - hence it's not a daily thing!x

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