Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Ones That Got Away This Week

Well I'm back to my 'do I really need it stage' with shopping.  I think this is my husbands favourite stage for obvious reasons.  Maybe it's that Christmas is looming however I think not.  I do tend to go in phases of finding loads then nothing.  So today I am sharing with you what's got away!  Starting with this dress from FCUK in Bicester Village.  I was drawn mainly due to the price tag I will admit, £97 down to £15 then a further 20% off that day so £13.  However there was also a Brucey bonus in that it was silk, one of my favourite materials.  However it just hung.  High neckline; check, fibre composition; check, price; check, does it actually do anything for me; um, big fat no.  Could I make a cushion cover from this amazing fabric purely because the price for that piece of material is sooo cheap?  Oh come on Natalie, put it back.  So I did.  

I'd started getting dressed when I realised I should share it, so trousers were back on, sorry!
It did need a good iron but for £13 I could have lived with that
Next up also at Bicester Village were these Gucci sunglasses, £220 down to £100.  Now I struggle with sunnies, I have a slight paranoia that they must cover my eyebrows.  I had a little disaster in the week with some contact lens solution (resulting in A&E, I am slightly embarrassed to confess, but all's well) so it was a glasses day.  I am blind as a bat so there I was trying these on with my face literally pressed up against the mirror, it steamed up, I moved back and decided to ask about their returns policy.  Trying them on and seeing them on was not an option in store that day.  No refunds so no buying for me.  Can I afford £100 on sunglasses, absolutely not, maybe my eyes were trying to tell me something.  But I think they did cover my eyebrows.....

I didn't manage to snap a piccy but I was in TK Maxx for something and saw my absolute favourite Nike joggers I have, in grey for £16.99.  I decided I didn't need two pairs, despite their comfort, I own a washing machine so why waste money on two of the same?  Goodness, what is going on with my logic?!?  So what did I actually purchase last week, wait for it......

A bloody teapot (I can swear on my own blog right?).  It matches the rest of my Le Creuset set which was bought to match my tiles.  Obsessed?  Me?  Much?  £28 down to £9.99.  My logic behind this purchase (other than the most obvious that it matches)?  Well it's going to save me pennies on tea bags, 1 bag will do 2 cups of tea instead of a bag in each cup.

Someone save me.

Ending with some colour, my favourite shop window at Bicester Village goes to Anya Hindmarch with her clutches that were all wired up to open and close with sweeties all around.  It had lots of people stopping to look!


  1. I thought I was the only saddo who got excited about reduced priced Le Creuset which matches the kitchen! Glad to hear I'm not alone lol!!!!

  2. I have totally mismatched kitchen stuff so I just have to hide all mine away in the cupboards. We were bought a little blue Le Creuset frying pan years ago and from there we bought a couple more dishes and a grill pan. However, I don't actually like the blue, the hubs likes the eggplant/aubergine, I like the cream or the black - aarghgh. Luckily, we have kitchen stuff coming out of our ears (the Grumps is a force major in the kitchen) so not too easily seduced. And do you feel good for putting the dress back? Polish that halo Natalie.

  3. Somebody bought us a Le Creuset roasting dish and a kettle as a wedding present 13 years ago. Never used either of them, sold on ebay, didn't like the bright orange nor the fact the kettle wasn't electric! I didn't know they did teapots, I need a teapot and love the colour of this one x

  4. Love the teapot Natalie & the fact it matches your kitchen perfect. Well done for resisting the dress & sunnies xx

  5. Love the teapot - I need more Le Creuset too - I have a griddle pan and some bakeware that gets used all the time!

  6. I love Le Creuset too. I've got a few pieces in the teal and also in the pale blue. Love it! x

  7. Helen, we can be Le Creuset buddies!
    Um, kinda feel good Sue, but it was hard, I HATE walking away from a bargain. Feels daft now actually....
    Check out TK Maxx Sharon & Joanna!
    Can't believe it's all about the Le Creuset and not 'Natalie are you crazy for walking away from that little lot'....!!!x


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