Thursday, 24 October 2013

Last Minute.Com Outfit

Yes, that's me again, leaving it until the last minute.  In my defence, I feel I should have by now built up enough of a capsule wardrobe that I don't have to invest hours of time searching out my outfits.  Well, that's what I like to think anyway.  Me, myself and I always fairs bottom of the pile (as all Mums do), school calendar outfit, hero's outfit, pink day outfit all were more important to source first! I am happy to report in less than half an hour I do feel I pulled it off though.  This was for a meal out with friends.  I love using muted tones and I was even more excited that my Zara shoes got their first airing.  The black paneling on this skirt sits just in the right place for me.  I don't always like to match all my accessories, so my belt and shoes did, then my clutch was black and as it is held next to my body, it went with the black part of the skirt.

Nude vest - M&S
Top - Warehouse
Belt - Massimo Dutti
Skirt - Zara
Watch - Tag
Shoes - Zara
I love my shoes!
Close up of the accessories including my beloved Miu Miu clutch
Bargain time.  40% off including sale items at Body Shop.  Use code 14319 for on-line or email me if you want a link to the in-store voucher.  It worked for everything bar the £5 body butter for some reason.  Frustrating as the store lost out but never mind.  Expires 28th of October.  I've added it to my Christmas present pile!

Second bargain alert, if you enjoy a tipple of Baileys, it's half price for a litre in Morrisons, so now £9.  The original flavour has a free sample of coffee and the Orange truffle is also on offer.  Limited to two per customer.  I admit the orange has been opened and tried - delicious!

And random question for the day, does anyone have one of these sunrise style alarm clocks?  Does it actually work?  I am so not a morning person and want to do something about it!

Wish me luck, wedding outfit needed by tomorrow...will share with you what I end up looking like!


  1. Love your outfit, it's very cute as are you in it! I wouldn't mind having those shoes in my collection x

  2. I love those shoes, so envious of u!! I have a black pair that are complete Zara rip offs but would have loved the tan. Gorgeous outfit, love that skirt too! Very OP!! X

  3. yes i have one, sunlight and bird song, but buying a machine which makes great coffee is a much better way of wanting to get up!

  4. Thank you! Trea - OP has the skirt and the shoes, stalker, me, much!?!?!?
    I was thinking of a teas-maid....!x

  5. You look stunning Natalie! I haven't had Baileys for years but can feel a purchase coming on! You are such a bad influence! ;) Ax


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