Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wedding Outfit & Some Vintage Accessories

So my last post was about leaving my outfit's until the last minute.  Well I can report I am consistent, I did the same on Friday.  Three dresses hung in front of me, 1 hour left to leave the house......the navy French Connection dress won.  I wanted something fitted, not loose that day.  I am mostly a simple dresser, I like to keep it classic.  So I threw in my vintage pale pink Chanel handbag, painted my nails pink (Chanel again!) and wore my L.K.Bennett snakeskin heels for the first time.  I love that they cover the soles of their shoes so they are not scuffed until the first wear - genius for saving them for the owner not the shoppers in store.  I added several other accessories then removed them all and just added some sparkle with a necklace.

Not the best of shots, you will know by now I'm not the best in front of the camera
Bows on the back
In a slightly better light (but the end of the day!)
It deserved a seat all of it's own
I love the ruffle detail on the shoulders of this dress
My accessories
Whilst driving to the wedding I took this photo to send to my family as the necklace was my late Nan's (RIP Nana W) and it was the first time I've worn it.  It's not real diamonds but my Mum polished it up and boy does it sparkle.  The hubby said, 'I wonder if our grand-daughters will be sat here one day calling your New Look/Primark costume jewellery vintage'.  Good point.  I'm thinking that my Nan's was well made back in the day and probably cost more then what I spend on token trend jewellery now.  This piece was obviously made to last, it must be 50-60 years old.  But I do wonder, will our costume jewellery one day be classed as vintage?

So tonight I am trying to plan my outfit to the Next Blogger Network Workshop.  Bad weather has stumped any plans I had.  At the moment I think it will be my Converse (seriously, I don't know how I survived without them before) for the commute then a quick change to some court shoes with skinny jeans.  As I have spent all week-end on another project (below!) I've neglected devoting any proper thought to my outfit for tomorrow.

This week-end I've been mainly painting my lounge furniture!
So my brain is not in the 'planning outfit' stage.  I've given up and done what I know will work, paint my nails.....then the rest will follow.  I love red nails.  Would I advise this way round for outfits to my clients?  Absolutely not, that's what I'm there for!

Helen E Cosmetics base coat & my favourite red Chanel
Wish me luck braving the storm whilst trying to remain fashionable!


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for a weeding and those shoes are just lush, of course the bag....... Yum!

  2. You look gorgeous and those shoes are to die for! Have fun at the event x

  3. Oh my word, you look truly stunning. The detail on that dress is just divine and the shoes are seriously to die for! Absolutely perfect outfit z

  4. Ah thanks everyone, especially as I hate having my photo taken, my blog readers are lucky as I have just about mastered both eyes open now!!!
    Amazing isn't it Helen, even better that it was found in a very fab charity shop for £20!!!

  5. Just stunning and what can I say about the bag? What a find! So glad it is being used! xx


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