Thursday, 17 October 2013

In Need Of Some Brown Ankle Boots

I have found a bit of a hole (yes, another shoe one I hear you say) in my wardrobe again at the week-end. Some casual, short ankle boots in a brown colour.  I like brown/tan etc for casual as it's a smart casual look with them and that's what I like.  I have my old faithful Timberland Earthkeepers but they are higher up the leg and a few other but none that would be an all day walking around the shops boot (!).  I am short enough as it is so don't want to cut part of my leg off so to speak with a taller boot.  That being said, I still have higher boots and still wear them but there's a time and a place.

So I've been on the 'virtual' hunt, and here are my favourites so far.  Criteria; must be leather, ideally not suede due to our temperamental weather here in the UK, however I do prefer the look of a suede boot!  Would like a lace up, but I am being swayed by a Chelsea boot style.  Mmmmm, I need to get trying on!

H&M £59.99
Seven Boot Lane £150 (thank you Avril over at School Gate Style for introducing me to this brand!)
Next £55
BCBGeneration at TK Maxx £39.99 
Timberland's Earthkeepers £130

At the moment the TK Maxx (even though heeled) and H&M ones are my favourites.  I'm in no hurry though so will keep you posted.  Has anyone else discovered a hole in their Winter wardrobe so far?


  1. Love the TK ones too! I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of bikers atm! Ax

  2. Try Dune, I got some good ones in the sale from there a few years back and they;ve worn really well. x

  3. I find it so hard to shop online for ankle boots - the height of the boot can make me short and dumpy or give me funny shaped calves if i'm not careful! Loving the H&M option:)

  4. Try Aldo too Natalie, they have some great ankle boots. Love the H&M ones as they are a bit different from the norm, and I think u could carry them off beautifully being so petite, no one could accuse u of looking masculine! X

  5. Trea has just said exactly what I think ... so I'm just commenting to second her, lol!!!!


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