Monday, 14 October 2013

A Sample Sale & Some Great Markets In London

A while ago I shared a post on my Facebook page about Grazia's 'Gladrags & Handbags' sample sale in aid of the charity Kids Company.  I had completely forgotten about it until end of last week then panicked thinking I had missed it.  Phew, I hadn't but the only day I was free was Sunday.  I actually love driving into London on Sundays.  It's free parking on single yellow lines, the shops aren't open until later which means as I have two young children who like to get up early, we get to most places just as they are opening!  The plan was to drop me off somewhere in Shoreditch (The Truman Brewery apparently) and the hubby take the girls for a wonder while I had some precious time alone with some bargains.  As soon as we got there and my 6 year old saw the kids rails and my husband the mens rails, that plan was out of the window.  Damn.  I hold my hands up, I get a little excited about sample sales, I literally dash around to grab anything that jumps at me straight off then I get back in for seconds, thirds etc. which means I have no photos of my own to share.  Follow this link though and you will get the gist if you haven't had the pleasure of a sample sale before.  I did manage to walk away with some MiH jeans for £40 though (£148 on their website!), and they fit so well (picture to follow in another post).

With a few beauty bargains also, a cardi for my eldest and a some pieces of Adidas's Y-3 for the hubby, we had just about exhausted the snack bag packed to keep the 1 year old occupied.  I am so going to this one again and next time I will be there at the opening.  I fear I missed out on some serious designer bargains.

Just a few designers.....
Despite the horrendous downpour yesterday, with pack a mac's and brollies we continued on exploring and found some great little markets around Brick Lane which included some home made cake stalls!

My little lot, they were happy, honest!

Tons of vintage sunglasses!

We ended up browsing around Spitalfields.  It's been a while since I've been there so glad I got to have a roam. It has such a great atmosphere but for me the best bit is the variety of foods.  It's just buzzing there, even on a damp, wet Sunday.  

The undercover market in full swing
I opted for comfort over and above anything else but failed on the warmth front.  Even with a cami under my shirt, a scarf and pac a mac (I didn't need to photo that, it's North Face, black, you can all picture it) I was still cold.  My black Topshop boots were fine all day, they have a tiny heel but I feel it showed up a hole in my wardrobe.  A tan coloured pair of flat boots.  There were some amazing ones there but at £80 they can wait a while, more research to be done!

Shirt - Topshop
Watch - Tag
Belt - Boden
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
Necklaces - All made by a jeweller in Dubai for less that half of what they would be here!

Double denim with a hint if animal!
I love wearing two necklaces together  
Scarf - Alexander McQueen
Bag - The Cambridge Satchel Company
 If you are after a satchel style handbag, I fully recommend mine.  It was amazing in the rain, the water just fell off of it.  Mine is the antique gold one, 11" and I did manage to get it on a promotion over a year ago so was about £70 from memory.  If you are looking for something a little more cheerful, they have just launched a limited edition range with Vivienne Westwood.  Prices start from £170, how fab are these!


  1. Looks like you had a fab day Natalie, can't believe your little one and hubs were excited about shopping too, that will never happen with my two!

    Loving the double denim- looking very 'sharp' indeed! ;)

  2. Great post - that sample sale sounds the business! Looking lovely in your outfit shots too - adore the scarf and satchel! Want both! x

  3. If there's something in it for them then yes they are!!! Although saying that, my eldest does enjoy browsing shops.
    Ah thanks my lovelies! x

  4. That's commitment to finding a bargain, I admire you! The weather was so awful I spent sunday baking brownies and watching Miss Marple.

  5. LOVE your style - you look amazing.... You just know what works... X

  6. I am ALWAYS committed to a bargain!!!
    Ah thank you Claire x

  7. OMG! That scarf is quite simply too divine for words .. jealous!!

  8. Thanks Helen. It was a Harrods sale bargain, hubby didn't understand how much I 'needed' it in my life at the time, but am so glad I ignored him! x

  9. That looks like a dream day out! I hope to get up to London before Xmas for a good nosey around! Some of my favourite places in this post! Ax

  10. I really want to go more often, I'm really not that far, it's just making time for it. I LOVE London! x


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