Friday, 11 October 2013

Quirky Knits & Some Major Bargains

I was dashing around Tesco the other day when their clothing sale caught my eye.  I was immediately drawn to two jumpers, both a little different to what I would normally home in on (think classic, smart, casual dresser who loves a breton stripe and animal print).  I tried them both on, I definitely preferred one over the other but then I checked the fibre composition, mmmmm. I have never shied away from the fact I don't like acrylic, I always aim for natural fibres as I like my clothes to last as I buy classic shapes.  But it got me thinking.  At £9 was it worth a try just to have a bit of fun in my wardrobe?  Or is it compromising my 'rules' on garments and after two washes I will be fuming that it looks a mess and will never make it to next season in my wardrobe?  Is it a little 'young'?  Or is it quirky and cheeky?  I am still undecided.  The husband is against it, thinks it looks daft.  I like the colours but I feel I am going to be cheated of my £9 if it ends up in the rag bag bin.  Yes there is the slight chance I am over thinking this, but that is me, I like to think about my clothes.  It's rare that I buy an item and wear it straight away (like my Jack Wills cardi), I ponder.

Tesco £9 

The one that jumped away...had more cotton in but not a great shape on me, £7

For £9 part of me wants to give it a go, but then I look at the cut around the neck, feel the fabric and I cringe.  I am not saying that everything I've bought from Tesco has been like this, their cashmere is amazing but then for £40 a piece, you would expect it to be.  I guess I just expect a lot for my money, but then why shouldn't we, we all work hard for it.  Throw away fashion has never really been part of my wardrobe, yes a few odd pieces but never the foundation of it.  If you are a fan of these jumpers and want to/have the means to spend more, I love this French Connection version and it's pretty much all wool.  

French Connections £79

I also tried this on that I found in the M&S sale for £22 but it wasn't my size.  I do love the detail on this though and I like that it's on top as it balances out my proportions.

And a few randoms to finish off with tonight.  If you are a cooker/baker and enjoy a good book, I found this in my local Poundland (there is branded stuff in Poundland before anyone shouts at me, and the more I save there, the more I can 'invest' in my wardrobe).  I did a quick Amazon check and it's £12.72 there with an RRP of £18.99, bargain!  Oh and it's recommended by Nigella.

I did warn you it was random - a new night cream!  It's that time of year when my expensive one runs out and I am waiting for it in the sales again.  I have heard quite a lot of good stuff about Aldi's creams so for £3.49 I'm giving it a whirl.  Will feed back on my findings.

And last but by no means least as it's probably been the highlight of my day, I need to get out more I know, my Waitrose shop.  Somehow I managed to walk in at just the right time of day that mark downs were happening and instead of spending the £37.50 it totalled, I spent £13.08 and all the meat/fish has gone straight in the freezer.  I do LOVE a bargain, don't say I don't share everything with you on my blog.  Have a good week-end everyone!


  1. To the rag bag GlamRosie.... x

  2. I actually love this post. And I've been round Morrisons tonight with my mom. She's in her mid-eighties and I asked her if she would like to go there and her eyes lit up - she was totally made up by a trip to Morrisons. Simple pleasures for some eh? And fab bargains on the Waitrose side - we need all the help we can get saving money esp with the cold weather and gas prices on the rise (I sit here with a blanket on my knee - I refuse to put the heating on till November not least because the Grumps won't let me). The jumper, I had a bit of a shock when I saw the preview picture but having seen it on you, I can see why you would be swayed and sometimes, it's nice not to be too serious and hung up over fabrics. Yes it's £9 but if you like it, have some fun. Besides, you will probably have much more expensive things in your wardrobe which won't get any more wear than the £9 jumper. I liked a silver fur jacket recently - not my thing at all normally - see we all have our weird sides. We can't be chic all the time.

  3. Great supermarket haul - love it when this happens! I am also going to track down that book - looks really good!

  4. Oh no, not the rag bag, returned for my money back!

    I love a good supermarket Sue, always have (but then any shop works for me really!). I confess to my heating being on for at a month already......I love that you liked a silver fur coat, now that is quirky!I am still undecided though.

    Hope you get the book! It's fab x

  5. I'm such a bargain shopper as you know! What a great haul but yes a bargain is only a bargain if you will get use out of it so glad you took it back as you were unsure! I love the M&S jumper! Ax


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