Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Surviving A School Trip!

It was a loooong day!  But I did it, 25 x 6/7 year old's, a gaggle of Mum volunteers, a sore throat by the end of it (tonsillitis none the less) but a very pleased daughter that her Mummy was there.  We spent the day at Claydon House and I am ashamed to admit, I've never been before and it is so close (Waddesdon Manor is even closer I'm afraid).  What absolutely stunning views and grounds.  I will definitely be going back with the family and a large picnic when the weather warms up next year.  So what did I wear, well probably should have swapped around what I wore today for it but never mind, on disrupted sleep, a poorly baby and getting out the house by 8.30am this is what it ended up being.

Cardi - Jack Wills (Bicester Village)
Top - H&M
Satchel - The Cambridge Satchel Company
Jeans - Topshop
Pumps - French Sole
Apologies about the colour on these shots, they were rushed whilst the children were acting out the Crimean War and we had a minute to ourselves, somehow a filter was applied!  I am loving wearing my bargain £15 Topshop Baxter jeans that were made for short people (the 28" leg ones), it's great not to have to turn them up, although I do like a turn up.  I have had my orange H&M breton for a while now, it hasn't lost it's shape but I must admit I prefer the Zara organic cotton ones, they don't tend to ride up.  The Jack Wills cardi is getting a lot of wear, I love it.  My French Sole ballet pumps are breaking in nicely, they have loosened up so I may need an innersole for my smaller foot (yep, odd feet, a whole size).  

I think I managed to take in some information about Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War whilst I was there, well definitely the story about loosing her cat on the train anyway!  No testing me on my knowledge though please, just use Google.....

I Couldn't not share some of the views, stunning English countryside.

The Converse, well I have worn them twice already!  Yes, a little pinching on the big toe but so needed an in between shoe from a ballet pumps with no socks to a hardcore Winter boot, these fit the bill perfectly.  A bit of an animal over load today, but it's fun to play with prints sometimes.

Tee - Juicy Couture
Cardi - Gap (merino wool one)
Jeans - Black (kind of grey now) Topshop Baxter
Shoes - Converse

Anyone else been experimenting with double prints recently?


  1. The double print is really cute ... but actually I am more taken by your satchel. LOVE IT!!!

  2. It's hard work isn't it? I did it last year and I could have throttled one of the kids on the trip. You look very chic for a school trip - I did the Converse just incase anyone stepped on my feet.

    And the Juicy Couture top - I love. I have to get over my mindset about Juicy Couture only making pink tracksuits - I know that they have moved on but the damage has been done in my brain.

    Nice to see the leopard Converse getting an airing so soon.

  3. I've never heard of Claydon House, but Waddesdon is one of those places I try (unsuccessfully) to drag the family to on a hot day! Love your double animal print!

  4. I know Helen, and the photo doesn't do it justice! Will get another close up of it just for you.
    Um, yes Sue, it was B hard work! But I have to say, the kids were all very well behaved. I still want a Juicy tracksuit....I have to fulfil my need one day, I must. They also do some amazing jeans.
    Waddesdon is lovely all times of the year, at Christmas it is stunning.
    Glad the double animal wasn't to much for people then! x

  5. That looks like the perfect school trip outfit, love the Satchel x

  6. I bloody love that T but seriously can't part with that kind of cash on one so ill admire yours from afar sniff sniff lol I've never worn double print but might be brave soon x

  7. The T-Shirt was £17 from an Ebay shop! TK Maxx were also selling them in the green print for £14.99. I'd say just don't sit them next to each other and so long as they aren't really loud ones (ie the T-Shirt was muted tones) then you should be fine. Go fourth, be brave & try! x

  8. I think the first photo is so lovely...they all are! So glad you went for the leopard ones! They are perfect on you! Ax


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