Sunday, 29 September 2013

Some Jack Wills At Bicester Village & Topshop

I tend to go a few months without visiting Bicester Village, then I go several times very close together!  Today was kiddies shoes shopping time and my youngest was so pleased with hers that we only managed to get one off to swipe through the till!  The Timberland shoes from this post went back today.  When a 6 year old tells you they are 'Granny', then they need to go back to the store.  Good job as I found this lightweight cotton Ralph Lauren jumper for £25, bargain!  

Navy & Cream breton, can't go wrong with a breton!
From the previous visit I bagged this amazing junky cardi from Jack Wills, £129 down to £39.  Now even though it was a bargain, it's normally more than I would spend but I was fairly impulsive with it.  It must have been meant for me as I have worn it at least 5 times in the 9 days I've had it.  It cheers me up!  I've been wearing it with my animal ballet pumps as I like that they are trimmed with red so the cardi picks this colour out more.  

The colour on it is fantastic and comes down to nearly the length of the cardi

Such a fab knit, added a clashing animal print!
We finally have a Topshop in my town - woohoo!   It's so nice to see things in the flesh rather than online.  They have so much colour in at the moment.  But it's not over whelming, it's all wearable and also not high fashion.  Well done Toppers on your A/W collection!  Here are some of my favourites.

It's all about the knit!  Beautiful powder blue £36

A great simple cut dress £46

A brighter version of the blue

If I didn't already have a green Topshop dress, this would be mine.  My favourite loose style cut £45
And still on the coat obsession, I forgot to share this pink one I found in Bicester Village the other week.  It's from Ted Baker and was £289 down to £199.

Probably my favourite none pink coat at the moment is this one from Marks and Spencer £139.

Oh and just in case you weren't aware, 87 sleeps until Christmas and the shops are getting ready......


  1. Love the animal black and tan bangle in the Jack Wills photo. Please tell me where it is from! Thanks, Sair. x

  2. It's lovely isn't it! It was from a little shop in either Barcelona or Turkey I'm afraid, a few years back. It's great as it's fully adjustable, I always struggle with proper bangles. Keep an eye out if you're travelling abroad! x


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