Friday, 27 September 2013

It's All About The Pink Coat

I'm not a huge 'on trend' follower, I don't rush out and buy what's 'hot', it takes a lot for me to do it.  However this season's pink coat trend really is floating my boat.  It may have something to do with my handbag obsession being replaced by shoes and coats in the recent month, or simply because I like the colour.  Either way I'm smitten.  I love the variety of what's on offer, but my favourite is the bold bubblegum pink ones.  It just seems such a smart colour to wear for Winter yet I think would look equally as good with jeans.  Here's a selection of my favourites.

Marks & Spencer £85
£89 Topshop
£265 Jigsaw
Hobbs £239
Next £55
Zara £79.99
Marks and Spencer £99
Fearne Cotton
Eva Mendes 
Jennifer Lopez
Reese Witherspoon
I have promised the husband I will sort through my coats first before investing.....  Are there any trends you will be sporting this season?


  1. Tiffany Wendel has the Zara coat - it looks lovely xx

  2. I couldn't resist trying on the Zara one when it first hit the shop and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Me and pink? Not a regular sight but then remembered I already have a fuschia one so I'm sorted then :o)

    The Zara one would be lovely on your petite frame.

  3. My favourite is the Topshop one....the pink is so subtle! I'd love it but on a practical note not sure it would survive doing the school run and like you the husband would not be amused if I added another coat to my collection! x

  4. The Zara one seems to have sold out over night as it's not on line any more!
    I love the Topshop one too, they also do it in a deeper pink which may be more practical as not so light. However it's only got 10% wool so think it would probably bobble quite easily.x

  5. Hmmmm not feeling it, I'm not really a pink lover especially these shades.... I do like cerise and used to have a lush cerise ted baker mac which I still kick myself for getting rid :( x

  6. Cerise is pink, that works! The more I look at them, the more I pretty much like all the shades. Maybe it's something to do with pink wool, it's softer, warmer, feels snug yet feminine and stylish. x

  7. Some gorgeous choices Natalie, I'm very tempted to invest.....although I did buy a couple of coats last year & have my eye on a camel one too!! x

  8. If budget allowed, I'd actually buy the jigsaw one. Got to stop reading this post otherwise I'm going to order one and I really will be in trouble as I need a coat clear out!!!!x

  9. I like the pink trend. Makes a change from the usual greys and blacks at this time of year. Like you, my favourite is the Jigsaw one!

  10. Just popped back and I like the pink now... It looks soft and classy and as mentioned softer... Love the Zara and jigsaw.

  11. You see, it grows on you! I'm all for it now (after I've cleared out a few coats to make room for one!)x

  12. Hey - hope you don't mind but thought I'd share a soft pink coat that maybe good for people on a really tight budget like me


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