Monday, 23 September 2013

A Bit Of A Shoe Thing Going On

I am known for being a little obsessive with things.  If I see something that's out of stock, I go on a mission to locate it.  If I buy something, I usually continue buying along the same lines, my current two obsessions being shoes and red clothing!  I like items to inspire me.  Shoes are doing that at the moment.  Especially suede ones!  London Fashion Week didn't do anything to dampen my mood, there were so many.  Some I loved, some were just outright mad but I still loved them!  So much so I felt they deserved their own special post.

Shoes do seem to be like buses for me, I don't see any for ages (that I like), then I go months of seeing them all!  I'm trying hard to be rational, I have two new pairs (for regular readers, the Zara and LK Bennett ones) not worn as there hasn't been the occasion.  So I feel I really need to justify future purchases.  That being said, I LOVE suede shoes and there are so many colourful courts around.  But where would I wear them?  I think I will just have to try the Topshop ones on, pray they don't fit (usually the case when I lust after something for a while) but if they do, run away!

My affordable favourites at the moment, Topshop's 'Gwenda' £58
I love all the colours! 
LK Bennett at Bicester Village, £250 down to £165
Not suede I know but loved these from Ugg, again Bicester Village, £225 down to £110
Ending on a Summer note, I do like to buy out of season.  I've harped on about Timberland's Earthkeeper range before, the comfort is amazing.  Now, are these a step to far?  Granny or not?  I can't decide!  Originally £90, down to £44.99 now £19.99, bargain yes but only if they are worn!  Mmmm....


  1. love those Bicester ones, they look super expensive, like ALaia and would last forever!

  2. I'm a shoe obsessive too Natalie, was looking with those Topshop ones today actually, but the bit around the toes is too circular for me I think, my blue Zara ones are more angular across the toes and I love them. The ones at Bicester are amazing though, those yellow ones have my name all over them!!! X

  3. I love so many of those street style shoes from LFW. The LK Bennetts are beauties too.

  4. So no ones thinking the Timberland one's look a little Granny yet???!! Painting toe nails tonight, that always makes my mind up on a peep toe!!!!x

  5. I think they're high enough not to be Granny. If they were a very low wedge, you'd be in trouble, but I can't see any Granny wearing heels that high!!!!

  6. Yes...timberland ones do indeed look a bit surprise me x

  7. Lol! Well we all make mistakes - luckily I was in doubt so hadn't worn and could return! They were soooo comfy though, if I closed my eyes and didn't look at them then they would have been keepers! x


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