Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Converse + Sale = Ordered!

Well I did say in this post that I was reluctant to pay full price for them (and most things I might add) and a few weeks later?  They are now £25!  I couldn't remember what size I tried on and was dashing out of the house for school pick up when I saw they were reduced so it was left to fate.  By the time I came home there was only a 4 in the animal and 3.5 in the grey.  I decided against the blue as I wear a lot of blue denim jeans and I want them a different colour.   Check out Office as that is where I found them in the sale.  Will update once they've arrived and I've decided which pair.  Excited, my first pair of Converse!

I also managed to try on the Topshop Gwenda shoes I was raving about in this post.  Mmmmm.  Strangely the navy size 4 felt big yet the pink 4 were small and I did not like the toe cleavage.  So glad I managed to try them on as now I can knock them off my wish list.  I actually preferred the navy though, even when I seem to have a pink thing going on at the moment!

For anyone already considering the Christmas party frock (well done!) give French Connection's Ebay outlet a try here.  They have some amazing discounts.  I've ordered and returned things to them before and it's been no trouble.  There are some silk tops I am so tempted by but Converse were more important for my day to day living than a fancy silk top, so head over ruled heart today (I won't make this a habit).

French Connection Ebay Outlet £87 down to £25
And I will end with a little tip off, Grazia are having a sample sale from 11-13 October.  If you are in London and enjoy a designer bargain on two, pop along.  More information here.  I think I might just have to attend as I've never been to one of theirs before so in the name of research for you my lovely readers.......
PS I want that top above now even more, damn.


  1. Great to see those shoes on a real foot - I agree about the toe cleavage. And I'm off now to have a look at the FC Ebay shop! Thanks for the tip off! x

  2. Can't wait to see which Converse you go for Natalie, the leopard print ones look fab x

  3. Can't go wrong with Converse, well done on getting a pair in the sale, Office don't usually have the more popular sizes left, wish I had smaller feet! Love the Topshop shoes, too high for me and agree about the toe cleavage x

  4. Just bought the light blue colour of the topshop shoes. Love them!!!

  5. I haven't been back to the Ebay outlet today Avril, I am avoiding it!
    Both Converse have been despatched, watch this space!
    Oooh Ditzy Mummy am jealous that they work on you, I do love them just not on my feet!

  6. I absolutely love the leopard converse. I did order some superga's which i love and at a sneaky price thanks to a glitch on the bank website BUT the size 5 are HUGE :( so back they go...

  7. I think I read something about that glitch - was it on Hot Deals?! Such a shame, not meant to be yours! x

  8. Yeah it was HUKD - karma me thinks :/ x

  9. Some of them work, my H&M one did, bagged loads of bots for £1 delivered! Worth trying them I guess x


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