Saturday, 3 August 2013

Some Outfits And A Little Topshop!

With the Summer holidays feeling like we should be half way through already (but only just over a week down....) life has become even more hectic trying to fit as much in and cover all mundane necessitates like haircuts, dentists etc.  I did however have a welcome, very quick trip into London (more about that in another post!) and managed to pop into Topshop and a few other stores along Oxford Street.  Nothing purchased (not quite sure what is happening to me) apart from some new cushions for the sofa (it's all about updating the Living Room at the moment!) and even they were with some old Christmas vouchers.  I did see some gorgeous items but felt no need to purchase, yes I am aware this blog is about my shopaholic tendencies and I am not fulfilling it for the best content, must try harder next time.

My mid week outfit to London is shown below (it was cooler and yes, those chino's again!).  My sandals are a fairly new bargain at £7 from the Next sale, thankfully a friend had a special reserved slot online and got them for me.  They are all leather and my favourite animal print so I'm very pleased with them.  And yes, before anyone questions the clashing print of animal and squares, it was intensional, sometimes I like to mix it up a bit!

Top; charity shop find, silk, brand new by Betty Barclay
Belt; Topshop
Chino's; Ralph Lauren from TK Maxx
Shoes; Next 
And what I found in Topshop;

How stunning is this Limited Edition?  £180

I love box top's like this at the moment

I am seeing this heel a lot but I am still undecided, mmmm!

This lighter coloured denim box style top works perfectly for the Summer 
For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have missed this but my award for the tidiest sale rails went to Miss Selfridge.  It was so organised and a pleasure to browse through.

This leather top from Miss Selfridge was stunning, £120
It wasn't the sunniest of days mid week in London, but for me there's still something so special about the city.  I felt very lucky to be just over an hour away from this exciting place but equally as lucky to be living away from the smog to appreciate it when I do go in.  My 30's have definitely seen me have a change of heart about British countryside!

From this,

To this!

Today saw sun and showers but I decided to try and influence the sun a bit with some bright and cheerful yellow.  I bought this yellow Zara top for £12 in the sale a few weeks ago but not had the chance to wear it yet.  It's a lot brighter than I'd usually wear but I liked the change.  It seems to crease easily but overall it was comfy to wear.

On route to the BBQ with token home made cake!
Sandals, as before
Top; Zara
Belt & Shorts; both Tommy Hilfiger from TK Maxx

I'm off to Cornwall for a mini break on Monday so I will be a little quite until the week-end.  Have a good week everyone!


  1. Can't believe u went to London and bought nothing! Shame on u Natalie!! Lol love those chinos, and the yellow tops is gorgeous too. You've got some great TK Maxx bargains!xx,

  2. Loving topshop right now. No surprises there for me I guess lol.

    Enjoy Cornwall! Its one of my favourite places in the world x

  3. Love that top that you got in the charity shop! Great find. I'm off to London for a few days next Wednesday, so you're really whetting my appetite :)

  4. Oh you look so lovely in both those outfits Natalie. Loving the charity shop top - it's gorgeous! Have a lovely time in Cornwall, Ax

  5. Looking absolutely amazing in the yellow top. I love those cargo pants from TK Maxx too


  6. Nominated you for a Liebster blog award. Details are in my post here. Love Liz xxx

  7. Thank you all. Charity shop top was a steal, 100% silk and brand new for £18!
    Thank you Liz, will have a read x


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