Sunday, 11 August 2013

LK Bennett, Zara & French Sole - Shoe Obsession!

I'm back and refreshed (?!) from a lovely break to Cornwall with my family and in laws.  Just stopped long enough from my mountains of washing to share a few new pairs of shoes (not purchased in one go, honest!).  First up I've been hiding these amazing pumps by French Sole that I found in the Atterley Road sale.  I contemplated them for a few weeks as I also bought a skirt which I returned.  I was lucky enough to get a £50 voucher from their press day, so these pumps which were originally £120, cost me £20 (they went down to £70 in their sale).  I have only ever owned one other pair of French Soles, but stupidly bought the wrong size so had to let them go.  If I haven't declared it enough already, I am a animal print lover so the print teamed with one of the best ballet pump makers and in my size, were obviously meant to be.  I haven't had the pleasure of wearing them yet due to the weather (not complaining on the heat front!) so I am hoping they live up to expectations.

Next up are my style steal shoes from Zara, as seen on Olivia Palermo (not afraid to admit the celeb endorsement works on me...).  Labels still on as I am telling myself off as I don't feel these were bargain enough.  I believe they were around £50-£60 to start with and only went down to £39.99 in the sale when I found them in my size.  I love suede shoes, another obsession of mine and tan colours go with everything.  Unlike the lovely Olivia, I don't really have the lifestyle to get the wear out of them.  That being said, I do tend to buy all my shoes in one go then none for months on end and there is a gap in my wardrobe for them, mmmm!

Olivia rocking hers, oh go on then, I'm keeping them!

And finally, my biggest bargain (discount wise) were these little lovelies from LK Bennett.  £195 down to £40!  I walked away, paid for the parking then ran all the way back to get them for fear of regretting it!  Another pair of heels that I need an occasion to wear them, but they were too beautiful I couldn't leave behind.  They are so well made, leather inner, outer, lined, sole, you name it, stunning.  I was wearing my Ralph Lauren chino's from my previous posts (I need to head back to TK to try and get some more!) and the Chanel Particuliere nail-polish when I tried them on and they went so well.  I can't wait to wear them.

Does anyone else buy shoes in bulk or is it just me?!

PS if you haven't already and feel I'm worthy, there's still time to vote for me in the Matalan Style challenge, just follow this link.


  1. Oh WOW - all three of them are fabulous! Love love love. Definitely worth buying in bulk. Enjoy wearing lovely - especially looking forward to hearing how you get on with the French Sole pumps (are the comfy etc).
    Welcome back - glad you had a good break! x

  2. Thanks Avril, I'm done now, no more shoes until Winter boots!x

  3. Major shoe envy here, I had my eye on those Zara sandals but couldn't get them in my size on sale, I have similar ones in black and love them. What a bargain on the French soles too, you couldn't pass them up,at that price Natalie!! X

  4. I can see why you couldn't resist, they are all beautiful, sale or not, I guess shoes are like buses...

  5. That they are for me, no more for a while definitely!x

  6. The ballet pumps are divine & what a bargain! I've just done a bulk buy too - planning for a return to work! Well that's my excuse anyway! ;) Ax

  7. I bought the SAME pair of french shoes. Leoprd print with red trimming. Very nice....

    1. Aren't they just! And I can confirm a year on they still look amazing and are very comfortable x


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