Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Re-visiting New Years Resolutions and Wild About Beauty

A little over half way through the year (where has it gone) and I've been thinking about the resolutions I set at the start of it.
  • Drinking more water - well I've really tried and I have good days when I down glasses then bad days when I forget, but I've definitely drunk more that last year.
  • Magazines - swiftly moving on to the next, epic fail, full stop.
  • Bra's - work in progress.  Measured twice so far this year.  I'm varying between sizes, bra dependant so I need to buy majority of them on line.  I just need to do it and accept no amount of padding is going to give me what I had pre breast feeding.
  • More beauty treatments - the hubby bought me a voucher for a massage for Valentines Day but apart from that, another fail, oops.
  • Make-up - as below!

I still had a birthday voucher left for Debenhams (saved from January, I'm good I know) so when I was lucky enough to have a very patient 6 year old with me for a change, I had a browse round the make-up.  I have read a few reviews about some Wild About Beauty products, namely their multi-purpose tint.  It is a brand devised by Louise Redknapp and make-up artist Kim Jacob.  I decided to try a new lipstick and eyeshadow.  The sales assistant helpfully applied a few lip shades, a red one and a peach one.  I opted for peach and chickened out with the red.  Although the child was nagging me to get the red, it's just not a colour I wear on my lips regularly, I like subtle tones.  The main selling point for me though was what the products contained; 'packed with skin-nourishing, naturally active ingredients'.  The lipstick has Wild Mango Butter, Argan Oil (super moisturising) and SPF 15.  The eye shadow contains Vitamin C and E and Aloe Vera.  Maybe it's an age thing but I defintely care so much more about what I put on my skin now.  I loved the ethics behind this brand and so far, the products haven't disappointed.  The lipstick stayed put for hours and I didn't have to apply my lip balm after an hour (which is usually the case).  The eyeshadow goes on really well and was shown that if you apply with a moistened brush (she dipped hers in rose water) the colour intensifies.  I am yet to try this out.

Powder Shadow £13 in alana

Nutrilips Colour SPF 15 £15 in 03 betty

I will be heading back to try out the Lip Pencil Duo as anything with coconut in gets my vote (coconut oil is this case) and the Golden Beach Bronzer which is packed with vitamins.  Has anyone else discovered this brand?

I've also purchased a second lip colour recently (via Ebay, thank you Ebay) by Stila.  I had a lip glaze given to me a while back but never opened it, not really sure why.  I've definitely been missing out as it's a great gloss colour without being to sticky.  I then found out that none other than Mrs Beckham also shares the love with her favourite being the 'Mocha' colour, so I hit Ebay to found one!  It actually smells of coffee as well!  Another recommendation on the beauty front from me.  I'm off now to drink water and read a magazine in a bid to work on my other New Years resolutions, it's a hard life....

Old verses new; Mocha and Sugar Plum


  1. Ooh interesting to hear as I've been wanting to try louises bits for a while. Wonder what the skin tint is like

  2. I had a look at the make-up range by Louise Redknapp, I love her so I thought it would be good although I didn't buy anything.

  3. I saw an article on LR in Red magazine talking about her range a while ago! I'm the same & really think about what I'm putting on my skin these days & try to go for natural brands as much as possible! Lovely choices! Ax

  4. I've even bought an organic face serum! Wish I could be as concerned with what I put in my body (far too much chocolate of late)!


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