Monday, 29 July 2013

Some Marc Jacobs and Todays Outfit

With the day being a bit cooler, I opted for my Ralph Lauren chino's, boy have I lived in these.  Originally featured on this post, they have washed and worn well and were worth every penny and probably a few more.  I opted to add my print on my upper body as that is where I wear it best on my frame, balancing out my proportions.  It was a comfy outfit, which even received a compliment when I popped in to get my fringe trimmed at the hairdressers!  (Head chopped off as pre-fringe trim photo!)

Top, Vest & Belt; Topshop
Chino's; Ralph Lauren from TK Maxx
Sandals; New Look

For some reason I failed to share with you my sale find from Harrods, what came over me?!  Marc Jacobs has always been a favourite of mine so when I saw this leather bracelet with the words 'sale' next to it, it called out my name.  Originally somewhere in the £90 region, it was £36 in the sale.  I love that it is fully adjustable as having slender wrists I've always struggled with bracelets.  The studs and belt designed clasp just add the edge that Mr Jacob's does so very well.  It came in a variety of colours but I decided I had colour in other accessories, but I was missing a fail safe, go with everything.  It's been worn a number of times already, I love it!

Worn here with my Tiffany bracelet (bought by my lovely friends for my hen party 8 years ago - and I'm still wearing it!  A timeless classic)


  1. Gorgeous look Natalie, I always forget how good chinos look on, must pull mine out! Love that cuff!! Exactly what I need whe I discovered I have no black more casual type jewellery the other day! X

  2. Absolutely love the cuff. You got some serious bargains in the Harrods sale, didn't you?

  3. I have been a late comer to the chino's as never found ones that fit well, until these!
    The Harrods sale was AMAZING, I say no more! x

  4. I bought a similar print top today and have been inspired by your styling - will try that look out! Gorg cuff!


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