Sunday, 21 July 2013

Matalan Style Project

I was contacted to take part in a style challenge for Matalan's blog.  Never one to shy away from a shopping challenge (!) I was asked to put together an entire 'Beach Holiday' outfit for £50.  Now I will hold my hands up, I'm not a Matalan shopper.  That's mainly because my nearest one is 20 miles away and I don't use the internet to shop a brand/shop unless they are known and trusted by me as otherwise it's a bit of a mine field.  Being petite, some main stream shops are a no no.  I assumed this would be the case with Matalan and was envisaging a safety pinned out fit for the photos.  How wrong was I.  A bargain £47 later (and well actually nothing as Matalan kindly donated the £50 as a thank you) I will let the pictures do the talking!

Shorts £16, top £6

If you like my outfit, please drop by this link and give me a vote.  You just need to comment in the section below for a vote to be registered. 

Beach bag £6

Havaianas £9 (real ones I promise!)

Necklace £10

A close up of the shorts, I didn't feel the first picture did them justice!
I went to a lovely wedding yesterday and as always, I was in a rush to get out and forgot to take an outfit photo!  It wasn't a new ensemble so your not really missing out.  But I will share with you a snap I took of two of my favourites things; a delicious Pina Colada and my vintage Chanel handbag, needless to say it was a fab evening!  Hope you've all enjoyed a sunny week-end!

Still not to late to try and win a scarf kindly donated by Coco Marie, worth £85.

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  1. That's a really pretty outfit Natalie and I love the necklace. Helen

  2. Guess what - I love the shorts and they're not online. Just my luck eh? And Havainas for £10 - done!

  3. Such a cute outfit, I am feeling nice and cool just looking at you! x

  4. This outfit got my vote although it was a tough one to call this month.
    I love those shorts and when the sale starts I may go back and buy them!

  5. This outfit got my vote its definitely a rig out I'd wear to the beach with my kids ... Love the sandals :-)

  6. Ah thank you all! Sue, keep checking back as a playsuit I originally wanted sold out then came back again. I worn and washed them, they've come up as good as new and no ironing - yippee! x


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